Gear and Clothing (Clothing, Gloves, Goggles)

AirCombat Protective Cap by Arnie
BlackHawk Hellstorm SOLGA Assault Glove by Paulo
BlackHawk Omega Tac-vest by Walking Target
BlackHawk Dragbag by TJ Millar
BLOK Helmet preview by Arnie
BLOK review by Player One
CamelBak ThermoBak by Arnie
ESS Tactical TurboCAM by Arnie
TT Thigh Holster ( by Hobbies
Guarder MOD II vest by Comega
Guarder MOD Armour by Comega
Guarder EP Glasses 2001 by Arnie
Guarder SWAT Vest by Arnie
Hatch BOSS 6000 by Axe
ICS Holster review by DumboRAT
ICS Sling review by Arnie
Laylax Satellite 3 Point Battery Sling by ORCA
MaxPedition phone holder by Arnie
MaxPedition Thermite by Arnie
Oakley A-Frame by Arnie
Oakley Tactical Boots by Arnie
CQB Solutions P90 HST Sling by SilentScope
RACK vs MOD by Comega and Lee
SplavM4 by Nuno
Swat Bag Deluxe by Comega
Traser Watch (H3 Navigator) by Arnie
Web-Tex Combat Vest by Ian (aka Hairy)


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