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Rifles/SMGs (Spring, Gas, AEGs)

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Tokyo Marui

AK47 Technical Manual
AK47 review by Inferno
AK47 upgrade guide

B-Spetsnaz review by DJ Ashmore
B-Spetsnaz history by Herman

CAR15 review by Inferno
CAR15 review by DJ Ashmore
CAR15 review by Horgy
FAMAS F1 by Gator
HK51 images
HK51 review by Jimmy
HK51 review by Dolphin1
MC51 review by Sykobika
Thompson M1a1 by G Man
H&K G36c by S.Knight
IMI UZI by Inferno
Walther MPL by Ash
MP5-RAS by Arnie
EB MP5-RAS custom by Arnie
Review by Arnie
Review by Horgy
Technical Manual

G3 SG1
Initial review / full review by Arnie
SG1 gearbox modification by Arnie
G3 Manual / profile sheet
Review by The General
SG1 takedown/repair by Arnie
Technical Manual

Classic Army
CA36C review by Arnie
M15a4 by Arnie
M16a3 by Walking Target
MP5SD5 by Rob_A
ICS MP5-A4 review by R22Master
ICS M4A1 review by Simon Crewe
TOP M249
Initial review by DJ Ashmore
Fixes by LT Mac
M60DX by Aussy Murphy
Airsoft Surgeon Stoner
History by Herman
Shoei MP44 by Lyn Haywood
Systema M16-A3 by Wallace
“Bargain” P90 by Nuno Cabeçadas
Academy L85 by Simon (aak Hissing Sid)
Guay Guay GR15-R5 review by Rockford
Guarder AKS-74U (BoomArms Custom) by Isaac Marchionna (aka Titleist)


Maruzen’s Interdynamic KG9
Full auto GBB review by Taeko Nakajima
NBB review by Ash Nicholls
KSC M11a1 by Dr Strangelove
Tanio Koba M11a1 ‘BigMac’ Silencer by Dr Strangelove
Hudson M3A1 Grease Gun
review by Yosuke Moteki
Maruzen MP5k by Chris Yue
Maruzen VZ61 Scorpion by Toke Lund
KSC TMP by Jimmy


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