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SunProject M700

by Arnie

Sweden (

m/s with 0.2g BBs (394 ~fps)
Barrel Inner
barrel: 55cm
Weight: 2500g




not much info about the Sun Project M700, which I think is rather
sad, since it’s such an interesting rifle. If you ask Airsofters
around, there isn’t many who knows about it’s existence, and
even fewer who know how it performs like! Many believe that
it only exists as a collectors piece, and is no longer been
made, which is not true. Others have said that this rifle shoots
very lousy, but this is not true either.

could start with telling a million facts about the real rifle,
the real m700 mechanism, and all thrilling facts about the inventors
mother and her cat, but I don’t find such information any interesting,
and I think that most of you ‘gunfreaks’ out there know what
an M700 is, and it’s pretty easy to find ont he internet anyway.
Instead I’ll start with some facts about how the Sun Project
M700 really performs like.

This gun makes about 120 m/s with 0.2g bb’s,
(about 394 fps), which isn’t really that bad, but still a bit
low for a sniper’s rifle. Another thing that keeps the range
low is the lack of hopup. This problem has an easy cure though,
because on the outside at the end of the inner barrel, there
is a glimpse, which an O-ring is threaded onto. This works as
a crude hopup system, but you don’t really see it until you
use really light bb’s, like 0.12g. An easy way to make your
own hopup would be to find an o-ring tighter than the one supplied,
which would give the rifle more hopup. Anyways, I think that
the PDI hopup chamber for the SP M40A1 would fit, so if you’re
planning on buying that upgrade, then there’ll no worries for
you… I think it’s kind of strange of Sun Project to not supply
their M700 with a somewhat good hopup, since it’s one of the
biggest reason for potential buyers not buy one of these.

though it’s lacking hopup, the range is still a bit longer than
an ordinary Marui AEG with hopup. Without any upgrades, I’d
recommend you to use 0.2-0.25g BB’s with the M700, since the
range will be very poor with heavier BBs.

The accuracy of a stock M700 is very good, since it has a tight
barrel. Even with light BB’s, the accuracy’s still good. Therefore
you don’t need to buy a precision barrel with the gun, which
keeps the price tag low. This is always pleasant since Airsoft
sniping gear is rather expensive. If you wish to use the PDI
hopup you have to buy a new AEG barrel, since the M700 barrel
won’t fit the new hopup chamber.

The looks of this rifle could be described as, for you who already
are familiar with the M40A1, as a sleeker version of the M40.
We could start with the stock, the M700 stock is longer than
the M40’s, but the M40A1’s is higher, and has a cheek rest.
The m700’s stock is also not as wide as the M40’s. The grip
on the M40a1 is bigger, and more vertical than the one of the
M700. I myself prefer the M700’s grip, since I think it’s more
ergonomic, but that’s for your personal taste to decide. The
M40A1’s outer barrel is longer than the M700’s, probably due
to it’s bigger cylinder. The M700 utilises the old cylinder,
which is much smaller than the new M40A1 XB version’s. Therefore,
the outer barrel gets shorter, and the magazine is placed closer
to the trigger. The outer barrel is also very much smaller than
the M40’s. The quality of the wood and metal on this rifle is
really good, no cheapass here ;)

The biggest problem, I think, is to upgrade the M700. There
isn’t many upgrade parts, although most of the parts from the
old M40A1 fits, since they use the same cylinder. I’ve found
a gas cylinder at DenTrinity
for the m700, which is actually cheaper than the M40’s. Although,
I don’t know how it performs like, but probably like the M40’s
(Read the M40A1
review at RedwolfAirsoft
for reference on gas cylinders…).
Another way to upgrade the rifle is with a stronger spring,
and since the M700’s internals are very strong, I believe that
no other upgrade is needed. Although, I’d recommend that you
buy a new sear, and preferably a new trigger, with bearings
to keep trigger pull light. The internals are crude but effective,
and the rifle strips in no time. You could mount a bipod on
the rifle, but then you’ll need to drill a hole in the stock,
but it’s a minor modification, no worries here. I think that
many M700 owners vill wish to add a bipod to reduce the “hunting-rifle”-looks
of the gun ;)

way to cock the M700:

1: This way you’ll get tired very fast, and causes unneccesary
stress on
the cylinder.

2: An easier method, but it’s still causing stress on the cylinder.

Pic 3: The correct way to cock a sniper rifle. By putting your
thumb around
the cylinder you get some sturdiness, and gives you a straight


  • Cheap,
    depending on where you order it. I got mine for 300$ including
    shipping and 25% taxes (Importing to Sweden is expensive). But
    It can be a lot more expensive, often it costs more than an standard
  • Unusual,
    I’ve never heard of anyone outside japan who owns one, except
    for a guy from Norway.
  • And
    of course, it’s one of the most beautiful rifles that exist ;)


  • It
    has no real hopup system, exept if you modify it.
  • Hard
    to find upgrades, but not impossible, check the external links.
  • You’ll
    have to do some work yourself.

make it short; The M700 is a unusual rifle, I think
that I and my brother are the only ones in my homecountry,
Sweden, that owns these babies. Therefore you’ll stand
out from the crowd at the games with this rifle. The
problem tough is that it requires more work to upgrade
it than with, let’s say the APS-2. Although the reward
will be a very unusual rifle.


6/10 It’s not like it’s impossible, but it’s hard
to find
the accessories needed.


You can run a car over it, twice probably ;)

for Money

You get the most durable rifle I’ve ever seen in
airsoft, and that’s good.


The big problem is that you’ll have to do some work


by Juoj8
from Sweden (airsoftsniping@yahoo.com)

– The only place where I’ve found upgrade springs
for this rifle.

– Got a pretty cheap gas cylinder for the

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