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Western Arms SV 3.9″ Review

by Arnie



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(fps may vary)
Length: ???mm
Weight: ???Kg


??? Round
(Standard Mag)

Infinity 3.6″

What’s in
the box?
upon opening the box you are presented with everything you would expect. A loading
tube, allen keys, a little bag of bb’s and most importantly the pistol itself.
This being my first GBB I was very impressed. The weight of it for such a small
package was quite impressive. I still think it should be lighter for its size
even now after a year of use. This is mainly due to the vast amounts of metal
in this pistol, including metal trigger, hammer, barrel, safety, magazine, front/rear
sights, slide catch, magazine release and the lower frame.

all infinities the pistol has 2 main safety features to stop it going bang when
you don’t want it to. The first of these is situated on the back of the grip.
There is a small lever that is depressed when gripping the pistol allowing you
to pull the trigger. Without this lever being pressed the trigger simple won’t
move. The other safety is a switch that can be used again to lock out the trigger.
The switch also prevents the slide from moving back should the trigger somehow
be magically pulled. This is easily flipped on and off with your right thumb
if you’re right handed. However if your left handed this could pose a small
problem as the safety is only on the one side of the pistol.

Loading the
the mag couldn’t be easier. With the supplied loading tube it is simple a matter
of placing the tube over the top of the mag and filling it with bb’s. Then using
the plunger you just push the bb’s into the mag and voila a perfectly double
stacked mag. The next thing to do is of course fill the mag with gas. To do
this you much first of all make sure the valve is not being held down by a metal
catch which holds the valve down when the mag is out of gas. If you forget to
check this and just start to fill the mag the gas will just go in one end and
out the other. A bit of a waste if I do say so myself. Once this is all done
you are ready to load the mag into the infinity and have some fun. Oh yeah the
mag will hold 24 rounds.

So how does
it fire you ask?
seeing that this is a Western Arms pistol and an Infinity it should be no surprise
to you that this pistol will clock in with 1J of power the using HFC22. Oh yes,
you can use HFC22 with this pistol without any problems. Now this pistol will
produce 2 inch grouping at 10 feet. With many of the rounds going through the
same hole as previous ones. The picture of the box has had a full mag of 24
rounds put through it. Yet I can only count about 10 holes. Now with the Western
Arms Magna Valve system this pistol can be fired at any angle, even upside down,
I’m not sure when this would be useful though.

Hop up adjustment
Now seeing that this is an infinity the hop up is adjusted in the same way as
every other infinity. Basically you remove the slide and look for a little hole
in one of the internal parts. You simply use the supplied allen key in this
hole and increase/decrease the hop to suit the weight of ammo you are using.
Clockwise to increase the hop, anti-clockwise to decrease it.

Removing the
the slide is quite simple once you get used to it. Move the slide about half
way back and pull out the metal pin which is also used to keep the slide locked
back when the mag is empty. Once the pin is out the slide simple slides off.
Then all maintenance / repair work (god forbid) can be done. To replace the
slide simple slide it back on and reinsert the pin. This can take a bit of practise
as you have to push the pin down as well as in to the pistol.








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Voigt Inc
– the official homepage of SV

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