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Computer Gaming/Airsoft worlds, Can they be working together?

Kenworth W900


I posted this up on the forums earlier then I realised that it was good blog material too, since it is a querky little thing that I am sure other people have also thought about themselves.


I know that the Airsoft world and the Gaming world are entirely separate. But I think that since there is an amazing coincidental parallelity between what guns are on CallOfDuty and which models are produced in airsoft (e.g. Stg44/COD5). So perhaps we should all go to them with our ideas.


All those airsofters who have mad cravings for a particullar unique, odd and previously unattempted model (in the airsoft world) should write to Infinity Ward (developers of COD) and ask them to include it in COD 6, thus drastically improving its chances of it being produced in airsoft form.


If only my theory was real, cause then I really would write to Microsoft and beg for a BREN. And I think there would be further calling for more WW2 guns aswell, Mosin Nagant and some French guns among them.


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