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From: Killbuckets Requiem: M2HB Airsoft

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Hey killbucket, I was just making sure you got my order, haven't heard from you since I did, it will be under chris vxxxxgxxxt. Thanks, Fog 11-26 6:43 PM (order rec'd, copy on file).



I am shipping this tomorrow morning. As I said, ghosts in the machine, but it's done!!!



Yay!!! haha, alright awesome dude. 12-7 7:25 PM



Hey killlbucket I was wondering if you could give me a little accurate estimate of when the browning should come? If you can thats great if your not sure hey thats fine haha. 12-12 7:25 PM



UPS tracking# 1Z1022T90393040283 -I sent you an email on 12/9



Oh my bad, I must not have seen it, thanks a bunch man.



Hey, i got the browning today and im very pleased with it. Thanks a bunch. 12-14 6:27 PM


This Morning:

Once again I ask you to just forget about this. I dont see the big deal about a video I forgot about that got little views and Taken down out of respect for you?9-8-2011 10:25 PM




also I paid you good money, its not like I went to your house and stole your stuff9-8-2011 10:27 PM


Deal with it, kid.



The VERY ITEM he is holding, is in my vid, here on my glass dining room table.

I was going to be amused, and move on. But when his "friends" started lying for him, and saying that they saw him make it, I got MAD.



Source: Killbuckets Requiem: M2HB Airsoft

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