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  1. To our online store has been added many new items. Precision inner barrels of many internal diameters - including largest 6.1+ mm known as Wide Bore - AEG springs from Japanese PDI. We also restocked most of unavailable PDI goods. In stock also AEG CZ 805 Bren and M870 shotgun from Tokyo Marui. Again in stock wide range of goods from PDI. Many diameters and lenghts of inner barrels, trigger assembly, cylinder sets for sniper rifles, hop-up rubbers and much more. Many new items from PDI in stock now! In Europe still a little unknown. Wide Bore 6.1+ mm inner barrels better stabilize
  2. Hi, we are Airsoftguns-europe.com and for summer ending for you, our customers, we prepare some Special Offers. Take a look yourself. We are sending goods throughout European Union. Everyone knows them, everyone wants them. Gas operated pistols from Tokyo Marui, Japanese warranty of quality for best prices. Metal and plastic spring operated shotguns made by Cyma. Affordable price, great power, large variety of types. Everyone chooses. Choice from many color combinations, metal and polymer slide. Winner in Airsoft Players Choice Awards. Did you voted too? Need a high pow
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