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    This is now sold.
  2. Got this as part of a job lot. It fires three BB's at once which are fired from a shotgun cartridge shell magazine. Fires perfectly and without any issues, included with the gun are 6 shells as well as a shell mount that fits to the stock and holds four shotgun shells. My asking price is £80 collected or £100 posted (includes postage and paypal fees) and am open to offers.
  3. Got this as part of a job lot. Works perfectly and comes with the following: - L96 (unknown make) firing at around 330 fps. - Scope with mounts. - 4 mags. - Viper mag holder. - Gun bag (camo). The rifle looks like it was a two-tone rifle before but was resprayed to black but regardless, it does work great and without any issues. One of the mags does not pop out when you hit the mag release button which is a fault with the mag (I just shake the rifle to get it to come out) but the other mags all function correctly (they all feed perfectly fine though). I have a bipod for this as well but never managed to figure out how it attaches. This is either because I just don't know as never owned a sniper before or because there might be something missing from the bipod but I will happily include it with the rifle too. Asking price for this is £115 collected or I will take £135 posted to you (includes postage and paypal fees) but I am open to offers as well.
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    Got this as part of a job lot. Feels great but it does look like its been through Hell (has a fair bit of scratching on the outer barrel from where I think the original owner attached torches to it and there is a small chip on the slide you use to access the hop but all these are cosmetic) other than this the gun fires perfectly. I have no mags for it (the one I did have was not mine and used it to test fire the gun) so buyer will need to supply the mags. It does include one battery with it which is a 7.4v lipo (also working perfectly) that will be included with the gun as well as a black gun bag (not pictured) that can be supplied for an additional £20). Please note that I am selling this as-is. It works but I have no idea as to the make of the gun or what internals it has so this can be used as it is or it can be used as a project. If you require further pictures please message me on here and I will send them over via e-mail or whatsapp (whichever is easier for you) and although I prefer the buyer collects this, I am happy to post it out (prices below). My asking price for this is £100 (collected) or £120 (posted & paypal) but I am open to offers as well as any swaps but please note that all I am looking for in terms of swaps is an ICS MP5-A5.

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