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  1. Pete171

    PP 19-01

    Have 8.4 volt stick Battery, I've widened the chamber now so they fit fine
  2. Pete171

    Need help

    Thank you, its been mocking me all day, I've never been stumped so hard before 😂 I'll have a look and try fit it back on. Thanks again
  3. Pete171

    Need help

    Okay, I got a new NUPROL M4 SPOMOD and I found this red plastic strip in the box, I've looked over the gun and can't find anything that looks like it's missing a piece, can anyone help identify the mystery object?
  4. Pete171

    First m4

    Right, bit of a beginner question but what brand of M4 would people recommend? I've been playing for about 2 years, I have several guns but surprisingly, no M4 😂 I'm not looking for a budget beginner rifle, I'd like something with high quality components and a good performance level. Any recommendations?
  5. Pete171

    PP 19-01

    I noticed, I didn't buy it, got given it as a gift but I've found so many issues with it. Mags just don't feed right, mid or high cap and it jams all the time, batteries don't fit properly, and get stuck which makes it hard to remove them without damaging them, just don't think it's worth the hassle it's turning out to be. I've spent some time shimming all the mags so they fit properly and that fixed the feeding issue, looking at the battery slot though, in odred to allow them to fit nicely without getting stuck, I'd need to boar out the chamber to widen it several mm. I'm just shocked that a gun priced at £250 has so many problems right out the box, it's a lot of work just to get it game ready.
  6. Pete171

    PP 19-01

    Hey, just wondering what other people think of the pp-19-01 by LCT. I have one and gotta say, I'm not impressed with it, has a lot of issues with mags not fitting and even the battery compartment being to small to fit the battery in, these aren't things I expected from a £250 AEG. Has anyone else had similar issues with this brand.

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