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  1. Hi, 

    I don´t really understand what you mean by your posts first section. If you can please clarify, English is not my mother language.

    As to the other part - please read Facebook SMP owners post start by Austin Ray here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WolverineAirsoftSMP/
    As you can read - I just acquired a brand new SMP V2. a brand new Gearbox shell and started to test fit everything one more time. Just to try out once more all the suggestions. 

    So far I have tried 2 quality barrel and hopup setups with 2 hopup chambers. Nozzle aligned, hopup chamber neck bored etc. All thing imaginable. No dice, still erratic. 

    So - please let me know what is the hopup chamber-bucking-barrel combo that you suggest to use with a SMP setup. 

    Btw I just made another video that show the same barrel-hopup combo in a Lonex AEG and a stock Lonex AEG in comparisson. Both shooting BEAUTIFUL flat and consistent trajectories. Video can be found here:


    This is 100% the same barrel-chamber-bucking combo as seen in some other vids. 


  2. Tried swapping gold to stock poppet. Will put new o-rings to test out. 
    If the pressure is inconsistent, then wouldn´t it appear in chrono results as well?

    1) I did not ask Rich to troubleshoot someone else rifle, the owner of that rifle sent it to him AFAIK. I just want to know if there was an update. 
    2) I do not know if PS and Wolverine have sold 200k+ units or not. I do know there are other unhappy customers as well. 
    3) I would send, but then would cost as much as almost a second hand FE. 

    It seems to (sorry if it is just me) that you are somewhat affected by the fact that you probably make money by selling or installing FE/SMP setups. I myself am on the pursuit to get the best platform out there into the rifles of me and my friends. To this point it has been a hit and a miss. All given advice has been taken and tried with no new and profound results. 

  3. I understand. But you do have to understand that it is a 99% similar problem on many HPA users. I have very similar hopup-barrel-nub-chamber-body setups that I have built for many friends. All firing the same bb-s, using even similar mags. But all run AEG gearboxes. And guess what - not a single problem even remotely close to what you see in the videos. 

    And then we have 2 SMP-s and 2 Polarstars that all exhibit the same "problem" in one way or another. All running different tank, reg and hose setups. 

    So - the only common thing is HPA - either SMP or FE. 

    So as it seems to me - as long as you can´t identify 100% that this thing is isolated to some kind of hopup combo that is a bad choise, or a body issue, I am stating that this is a FE/SMP issue. 

    Heres the point: Prove me wrong and you will get my money. Cash waiting. Most likely with a few other installs waiting for a good result. 

  4. Any news on this issue? 

    Here is a new video of the same problem. In the mean time the rifle has been disassembled, lubed, fitted with a stock poppet and dual reg setup. Running 100PSI on the poppet and 70PSI on the barrel. As you can see nothing has changed. Next up - low pressure spring on the poppet and nozzle. 

    I am really interested if the SMP similar problem can be eliminated since I might be doing a MG36 build with a SMP V3. 

  5. ALl FCU settings can be had from the YT video description. 




    First is Guarder 6.02 300mm, Lonex rotary chamber, MapleLeaf Monster hopup rubber.

    Second is PDI 6.05 470mm, Lonex rotary chamber, Prometheus Purple hopup rubber.

    On all tests BB-s used are 0.3g Blaster Devil. 
    90PSI gives different FPS with barrel length. 

    Gold poppet, Blue nozzle bored out to 5mm (Red+ Nozzle).

    FCU settings as follows:


    I am doing all the shooting from warm room temperature. I am using ALU 0.8L bottle with stock regulator. Secondary is Balystic HPR800 regulator, set at 90 PSI giving 90m/s with 0.3g bb-s using Guarder 300mm inner barrel. 
    The SMP is using Redline setup with Amped hose, kevlar bottle and high quality reg etc. Here is a dropbox link with SMP vids, also shooting vid! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sr7n6m5pf22hqif/AACh_F5FpmSJdtKpzoquAqGWa?dl=0#/
    The SMP was double checked to have good grease and no burrs. 

  6. Here is the video of first "base" test. Will try different things and upload videos as I do. Note: this test platform is my personal Polarstar Fusion Engine. But since exactly the same problems were on the SMP platform then I believe they are caused by the same problem. I have previously tried many mane barrel-chamber-rubber combos. Some have been slightly better, others worse. But all of them had some kind on "problem" similar to seen in the video below. 

  7. Perhaps we have different standards of accuracy...

    I didn´t understand if the whole post was a reply to mine or Jal3`s. 


    Anyhow, just to make it clear. I have sold every other rifle and think that Polarstar (general HPA) setup is superior in airsoft due to many factors such as trigger response, noise level, range etc. Pretty much THE ONLY thing right now that I have found is "odd", is the under hop that I have got sometimes. Now the SMP platform that I tested and tried to fix was a friends. But as they had similar issues, I brought both into my discussions. 


    PDI-W hold rubber - I have had great success with them, except in the SMP. 


    At some point I did think about boring out the "neck" of hopup chamber where the nozzle moves. I will try that out very soon. 


    I use 0.2g and 0.3g (0.2g only does not show the real results if you use 0.3g in game) for chrono and 0.3g only for shooting tests. 


    About the videos - I am sorry but Youtube does not give that great quality to see the whole flight path. Let me explain. I said before that I consider HPA platform to be very good. The odd "underhop" that I have encountered would probably not be seen in a video like that. Also 3 out of 5 BB-s would hit a barrel or other big target just the same. That was my point that the videos are not showing what I considered to be a problem. Maybe Jal3 had other things in mind about general problems with HPA platforms. 


    In conclusion. I will try and make some demo scopecam videos and also try to bore out the hopup. Just stay tuned on this topic and maybe we will get it better. 

  8. Hi Rich, glad to see people like you trying to solve problems on public forums. You said about tolerances being out of range. Can you please verify that exactly should be the nozzle length e.g. for a M4 nozzle in a SMP? 
    Also - you should have an indication what the FPS should be at certain PSI, just for reference. Since we (I am) are talking about FPS stability +-1FPS or even less then that I would say that air seal is good. Also the FPS is about right. If I can remember correctly it was 80PSI 0.2g 110m/s (360FPS) maybe? Something like that.

    Why I think it is somehow related to bb being pushed too far under the hopup mound? Well my last test with SMP was this:
    Barrel setup nr.1 Guarder 300mm, PDI W-hold, Lonex rotary chamber. Accuracy was all over the place, totally bad. 
    Barrel setup nr.2 Guarder 300mm, Maple Leaf monster hop, Lonex rotary chamber. The Monster hopup has a really long hopup patch or mount. Accuracy was almost OK, with the occasional low shots. Much much better. Same PSI and same BB-s on both tests. Both tests had similar FPS stability and speed, measured with chrono. Hence my thoughts about bb being pushed too far under hopup mound. If you compare a regular AEG nozzle moving speed and one on a SMP then you will find they are very much different. SMP cycles so fast that you almost can´t see it, AEG is probably many times lower. Higher mass BB-s get more kinetic energy and are pushed further. Dunno if true, just a theory. 

    P.S. The videos linked are not very good since you can´y really see the BB flight path all the way. I have a scopecam setup soon, I will try and make a video about it. 

  9. Good thread! In fact I and a friend of mine have experienced exactly the kind of problems you are facing with. A few days ago I wrote on BingoAirsoftworks FB wall, but haven´t got anything back from there. 

    Either way - I have a Polarstar FE Gen3 Ver2 in my Lonex M4 body with Lonex hopup chamber, Prometheus purple rubber and PDI barrel. Friend has SMP in a VFC HK416, guarder barrel, prometheus rubber and VFC stock or Prowin chamber. SMP is bad, at higher PSI-s like 100PSI it really is bad. At lower like 60-70PSI it is playable , but nowhere "good". 

    My Polarstar - same. At  higher PSI like 100-120 I get up-down fluctuation. At 80 PSI it shoots a whole lot better, almost very good. 

    Now heres the point: FPS stability IS VERY GOOD. Like 0.5m/s fluctuation, no more. So it can not be a compression issue, it has to be somewhere else. I have perfectly centered the nozzle alignment. I am using very good quality 0.30g Blaster Devil bb-s. Feeds flawlessly. 

    I myself suspect it is somehow tied to the speed of nozzle movement. If nozzle dashes forward with great speed it maybe somehow pushes BB too much forward via intertia and under the mound too far. Thus inconsistent hopup but very consistent FPS. On SMP it is logical since the speed of the nozzle movement is tied to PSI. On Fusion Engine it is not - spring pushes the nozzle forward but air takes it backward. 

    Here is my thread about the problem @PSTalk forums http://www.pstartalk.com/showthread.php?2206-Strange-issue-low-PSI-good-high-PSI-bad-hopup-stability

  10. Well if you insist.

    SummerCamp 2014 Piirsalu official video by the staff as well:

    People are welcome for next years event.
    You can find the base are map attached  to this post. Main base is about 1km x 400m size. The buildings played in the second part of the video are in the center section of the map. There are lots more!
    Base camp was at the 300m firing range on the east side. 


  11. I usually don´t post Videos, but this one is actually good in my own opinion. Maybe a tad long, but still full of action. 

    Filmed with a spanking brand new Sony AS100 in PRO mode (50Mbps) and secondary scopecam is a GoPro Hero 2 filming at 720p 60FPS with a HackHD 35mm lens.

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  12. Finally got mine up and running! I was originally having the same issue as you Seal where the piston wouldn't fully go forward after firing but reshimming and setting a low motor brake helped. However, the tappet plate and nozzle seem to be stuck in the cocked position after firing...in both single and auto. Is this normal? Anyone else have that issue?

    It should be normal. That sector gear catches tapet plate before the piston. It is very hard to stop the motor exactly after the shot is fired and before in catches tapet plate again. You can experiment with different active braking limits, but I don´t really see the point. 

  13. Another happy weekend game with the BTC Spectre is behind with good results. I have no cons to point out except for maybe one - when I use regular semi and Burst auto hybrid (you tap the trigger, it fires a burst, you hold the trigger and it continues in full auto) then the full auto comes with a small delay after the burst. I wish it was instant, but is is not.

    Can anyone confirm that this is the same on your Spectre?

    Can still recommend this product.

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