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  1. Something from the local scene. Must watch for Polarstar and Scopecam fans.
  2. Hi, I don´t really understand what you mean by your posts first section. If you can please clarify, English is not my mother language. As to the other part - please read Facebook SMP owners post start by Austin Ray here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WolverineAirsoftSMP/ As you can read - I just acquired a brand new SMP V2. a brand new Gearbox shell and started to test fit everything one more time. Just to try out once more all the suggestions. So far I have tried 2 quality barrel and hopup setups with 2 hopup chambers. Nozzle aligned, hopup chamber neck bored etc. All thing imaginable.
  3. Tried swapping gold to stock poppet. Will put new o-rings to test out. If the pressure is inconsistent, then wouldn´t it appear in chrono results as well? 1) I did not ask Rich to troubleshoot someone else rifle, the owner of that rifle sent it to him AFAIK. I just want to know if there was an update. 2) I do not know if PS and Wolverine have sold 200k+ units or not. I do know there are other unhappy customers as well. 3) I would send, but then would cost as much as almost a second hand FE. It seems to (sorry if it is just me) that you are somewhat affected by the fact that you probably
  4. I understand. But you do have to understand that it is a 99% similar problem on many HPA users. I have very similar hopup-barrel-nub-chamber-body setups that I have built for many friends. All firing the same bb-s, using even similar mags. But all run AEG gearboxes. And guess what - not a single problem even remotely close to what you see in the videos. And then we have 2 SMP-s and 2 Polarstars that all exhibit the same "problem" in one way or another. All running different tank, reg and hose setups. So - the only common thing is HPA - either SMP or FE. So as it seems to me - as long as
  5. 3 degrees celsius outside. Full day of gaming and the SA G19 + SA Co2 mag held up perfect. Could fire almost as much as you wanted without cooldown. Really superb performance!
  6. Any news on this issue? Here is a new video of the same problem. In the mean time the rifle has been disassembled, lubed, fitted with a stock poppet and dual reg setup. Running 100PSI on the poppet and 70PSI on the barrel. As you can see nothing has changed. Next up - low pressure spring on the poppet and nozzle. I am really interested if the SMP similar problem can be eliminated since I might be doing a MG36 build with a SMP V3.
  7. I have only shot about 2 mag fulls worth, but: FPS is about 10m/s or 30FPS higher, which is just perfect. Recoil is fast and snappy, I will most likely try a 150% recoil spring in the future, but at the moment I would say it doesn´t need it.
  8. I bought a regular GEn.3 + CO2 mag. The recoil is just what I expected. Not too crazy (compared to a KJW CO2 1911 which kicks like a mule) but decent with crisp blowback and many many shots even in the cold.
  9. Hmm, first time I have seen this. Thanks for the info.
  10. Just got my S19 without trades. What is that small plastic piece that comes with metal outer barrel? Can not imagine a use to it.
  11. Just as a note. Room temp was 18C or 65F. I bored out all they way to bucking lip, left about 2mm material to support the lip.
  12. Here is second video. Please read YT description. I bored out hopup chamber neck with 8mm drill bit. At first results seemed betted, but when I dialed more hopup in, they went a bit worse again.
  13. ALl FCU settings can be had from the YT video description. I am doing all the shooting from warm room temperature. I am using ALU 0.8L bottle with stock regulator. Secondary is Balystic HPR800 regulator, set at 90 PSI giving 90m/s with 0.3g bb-s using Guarder 300mm inner barrel. The SMP is using Redline setup with Amped hose, kevlar bottle and high quality reg etc. Here is a dropbox link with SMP vids, also shooting vid! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sr7n6m5pf22hqif/AACh_F5FpmSJdtKpzoquAqGWa?dl=0#/ The SMP was double checked to have good grease and no burrs.
  14. Here is the video of first "base" test. Will try different things and upload videos as I do. Note: this test platform is my personal Polarstar Fusion Engine. But since exactly the same problems were on the SMP platform then I believe they are caused by the same problem. I have previously tried many mane barrel-chamber-rubber combos. Some have been slightly better, others worse. But all of them had some kind on "problem" similar to seen in the video below.
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