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  1. New PCB design 104x101 mm, double-sided PCB with overlays available now. PCB design is in .lppz (LibrePCB) archive. It consist of all info about drilling, holes, milling etc. Any popular manufacturer (AISLER, PCBWAY, JLCPCB) can create it for you. Standard prices at them are like 5 GBP for piece. Also firmware is now NOT based on I2C address of LCD display. There was implemented AUTO-I2C service that will read display address and will use it. With standard addresses 0x27 or 0x3F, also custom addresses via soldiering A0 up to A2 soldering pins will work. More informations about projec
  2. Project description: Domination timer (DOMINATOR) is a stopwatch device designed for 2 teams that play against each other and try to occupy the point and keep it for as long as possible. The stopwatch is suitable for Airsoft / Paintball game mode DOMINATION, resp. Capture Hill. They consist of an ATmega328P microcontroller (AVR), which can be part of the Arduino development kit (Uno / Nano / Pro Mini). An LCD character display (size 16x2 or 20x4) is used to visualize the times. The times are listed in two lines below each other and are dynamically updated if there is an active team at the po
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