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  1. Armson scope wont work, the screws need to be mounted from the bottom side of the groove. However, the drum is not removable on mine (i dont know, maybe thats a anti-modification feature). Without removing the drum, you cant screw in the armson.
  2. the Chinese police now pretend to be potential buyers and sellers to phish out remaining gel blaster collectors and manufacturers in China. I doubt you can get in touch with the real developer of the replica as people are not taking the risks.....
  3. welp, this is the friend of the manufacturers. Bad news is that the studio that makes this product is no longer in production due to the stricter laws in China. The orange version that most of you have seen was a "safe" version that the company produced just to test the water, and they were planning on releasing a full back version if the orange ones were tolerated by the Chinese government. However, that was not the case, not only was this striker gel blaster completely banned, in fact, the entire industry and hobby was banned in China since September 2020. In the past three months. Gel blast
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