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  1. Shotgun pictures go in the picture thread please.


    And if someone's posted something in the wrong thread, don't be childish and call them names, just report it.

  2. Hey thanks for taking my thread and ###### on it. The whole entire spirit of the thread that I created was to keep it to Paraclete goodness only and keep out all the riff raff of *suitcasey* plate carriers. Its very hard to find pictures of other airsofters with RAVs and that is usually because of the two-million idiots with RRVs and CIRAS's.


    Thanks though, in your infinite wisdom you just managed to make this thread cluttered with junk. You took a good thread, with good conversation about Paraclete RAVs and made it into another *suitcasey* thread that clutters these forums.


    Would it really hurt you to just let us RAV users have our own thread? You can make your own seperate Plate Carriers thread, trust me I am sure the millions of CIRAS/RRVs that cover it won't mind as they rule those threads anyways.


    As I said in response to your pm, the picture area is for mainly pictures with a bit of banter, if you wanted to discuss RAVs then the gear area is a more appropriate area for your own thread for all thing RAV/Paraclete.


    On reflection it would've been better if I'd moved the original thread but what's done is done.


    Edit: Right, been through and moved all the old RAV posts to the new thread.


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