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  1. Except this was produced 3 decades before dragon skin . It's only intended to be stab proof and isn't very flexible.
  2. Hoppum

    $1K club.

    It's in the weapons section so only weaponry.
  3. Soviet ZhZL-74 With these funky plates.
  4. It's not Russian if it's made in Belarus .
  5. Real steel pictures and discussion goes in the appropriate thread in the off topic section please.
  6. Identical to what? It has an stamped receiver whilst almost everything else is AK-47 style, not to mention the bayonet on the solid stock version. Stick type inside the hand guards.
  7. Hoppum


    Shotgun pictures go in the picture thread please. And if someone's posted something in the wrong thread, don't be childish and call them names, just report it.
  8. Review post moved to it's own thread in the relevant section.
  9. 1PN34 through scope view:
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