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    Only some crappy springers by now :( I'm buying an AEG soon, tough.
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  1. One shot, one kill. The sniper's maxim. While this should be an undeniable goal for a real sniper, it's quite illogical in airsoft. Why limit yourself to on ball per shot? Gentlemen, I proudly present you the Benelli Over 9k The gun of tomorrow Don't hate me, did it for the lulz Comments are welcome, as always
  2. Just be sure not to say it loud
  3. Seems like the other thread was closed. We may continue here
  4. Thanks I don't know that much about guns, so there could be (wait...there probably are) quite a lot of technical errors
  5. That must be so *fruitcaging* cool to use on full auto
  6. Btw, it has a g36 base, mp7 stock and flashhider, ump extended foregrip, g3 magazine, an aftermarket pistol grip and a p90 trigger, lol.
  7. It has a pair of aims because the rail top part is optional
  8. What program are you using evansy? If you are not using paint, you might want to change the colours so the parts fit better (for example: http://img3.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/b1536b1dfa.jpg. Nice fusion anyways
  9. Woot, they are really well done They look sweet (yet unholy ) And would look realistic if it wasn't for the position of the receiver..I think it can't be on the edge of gun Darkholme
  10. I didn't care much about the quality, to tell the truth. Still, i think it looks quite decent, lol. Uh...I feel sorry for the mp7, though Why is it that everyone loves m4's stock? Edit: ROFL
  11. He probably drew it? Awesome work
  12. I know Domer17. My initial intention was to place the magazine under the stock, so the barrel would be about the double as it is now. But changing the stock required so much work, and I am lazy as hell ... Thanks anyways!
  13. At first I wanted to do something similar to the Crye MR-C, but that would have required quite a lot of work ^^ So I finally placed the magazine at the top, so the barrel isn't as long: And the camo version: Hope you like it (I know it's weird, lol)
  14. They don't have much quality but meh... http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm...Rifle_JGSDF.jpg http://world.guns.ru/assault/howa_t89.jpg
  15. That is very nice too
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