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  1. many thanks, i didnt mean to be rude but i really am genuine
  2. already tried but no reply, it has been downgraded with a 1j spring
  3. chrissyg or something like that he is always in the for sale section deleting peoples threads
  4. how can i sell when they delete the thing?????????????
  5. oh well i shall get over it!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. why is it that two of my sale threads have been deleted. it is a dragonauv that fires at 328FPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (been downgraded for us at my local site) those moderators that keep deleting it may i ask why as 328fps is the allowed limit here. i mean jesus how can you sell something when i am sticking to the rules and you get on your might high horse and say its firing at 500fps. HAVE YOU ACTUALLY TESTED THE FPS YOURSELF???????????????? is that a NO i here!!!!!!!!!! then stop deleteing it, i would have appreciated a pm statimng why or discuss th
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