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  1. CODENAME: Thunder III -Return of Chiro- The Midwests Premier Airsoft event August 12-13th, .06 Just outside of Chicago -INtel- After narrowly escaping the noose of U.S. forces, Drug lord Hector Chiro went into hiding to lay low and resurrect his once mighty empire. Meanwhile the U.S. attempted to stabilize the region, but encountered stiff resistance and corruption on all levels. The American public tired of countless body bags returning home and forced the Pentagon to withdraw the majority of its forces. Along with DEA and CIA operatives, the U.S. left some garrison troops and Sp
  2. CODENAME: Asylum Last Gasp 2-Day CQB June 11-12th!! Charity Benefit for Forest Park Police Department SLE is excited to bring you a 2-Day CQB event, that may be the LAST Asylum ever at the abandoned Hospital! Play Airsoft in a 2-wing, 7 level abandoned Retirement home in Forest Park Illinois! Featuring multiple missions / scenarios including a Hostage Situation, Going Postal, building clearing and test your skills against the actual *Forest Park Special Response Team! Players will also assist in training with real Law Enforcement Officers in felony car stops… 16 years and older
  3. Ghost Rider- I am not trying to cause any problems. Normally I would send the info to Arnie, but he is busy and posted on the news page to post news in the news section while he was away. I posted it in "General" because as it says "This is the place to discuss all things to do with, or related to, Airsoft." If you feel I am promoting my website, that is fine I can remove the links to the slf site, I'd rather people watch it on the Ural site anyways. Again not wanting any problems, just feel we're being unfairly judged. This is a huge positive step for Airsoft, that an Internationa
  4. honestly wasn't trying to sell motorcycles, just proud to have used Airsoft in the ads...
  5. Put up posts about Airsoft being used in a commercial advertisement and they disappeared.They weren't advertisements as they were information regarding the use of Airsoft in a commercial, to our knowledge a first in Airsoft. Please advise...
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