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  1. You heard wrong. WE has NOTHING to do with WA or its chinese made clone. As stated in a previous post theya re completely different animals. As for the AGM immediately requiring upgradeparts, yes that is true. It is junk plastic or weak pot metal in many critical areas. Plastic bolt face/nozzle wears out in no time - and it will be flattened IMMEDIATELY after one bb jam. Buffer is cheap plastic. (I mean really cheap). The hop chamber is plastic and works about as poorly as the gun it clones. The entire trigger mechanism is monkey metal. Just think of it
  2. It was up 5 seconds ago. I guess they didnt like the comments they were receiving! Not a "flattering" video for their new rifle.
  3. ^ holy retardedly huge photos batman! BTW, here is the new china copy GBB M4 in action.... ebaybanned GBB M4 rifle - Note the AWESOME "quality control" as the RIS squeaks and rotates while firing. Assembled like *chaffinch* right out of the box. China made junk.
  4. haha - Im not the only one who wasted money on the Hudson Jericho! Lord, that one is on my short list of 'biggest POS airsoft purchases ever'. If you think their airsoft guns are bad, try any of Hudson's PFC/cap firing model guns! They wont fire more than 2 rounds without a complete jam. The scorpion wont even fore a single round. In terms of "horrible engineering", Hudson gives TOP Japan a run for its money.
  5. WOA is a legit company. The guy is a tinkerer. What he doesnt say, is if it can fire in full auto. The high flow valve probably drains the mag in a hurry. I doubt seriously the gun could fire more than half its mag capacity at that power before running dry. And even the shots it makes would be seriously inconsistent. (fps all over the place).
  6. Why dont you *snip* your triple post.
  7. That might be true, but a if a few more explode - and God forbid - one person is hurt, that will be the end of these guns (end of WE) in the states. Your product will be all over the news stateside and banned immediately. One DROZD CO2 bb gun made the news and they were banned on eBay the next day. Then the feds made it REAL hard on Bakail - temporarily stopping importation completely. (and those werent "exploding") All the distribution deals (evike etc) you have worked so hard to create will be gone in a second. The liberals in the USA have a "hard on" for guns - toy guns, re
  8. Yeah, the shipping prices are too high!
  9. Try switching to KSC .30g bb's. I think your problems will be solved. They fly flat (or arc down after 90 feet without the hop turned on - 490fps nozzle.) .28 in my gun do the same thing, with the new hop. KSC .30g - Best bb yet with the new gen2 hopup.
  10. Let us know in 2 months when you receive it Seriously, I dont buy anything from EBB anymore. GLACIALLY SLOW shipping. I am resisting the urge to buy this particular AGM - there will be a FLOOD of these GBB M4's in one months time. Coming from many many manufacturers. Each will have better value (like trademarks, better hop etc etc) Just sit back and wait for them all to hit the market, then go shopping. The floodgates are about to open.
  11. And Im willing to bet the chinese clone will have a LESS WOBBLY metal body than the G&P version. If the truth was told, G&P is only marginally better than the stock WA in reality - it gains in some areas and loses in others. Why cant G&P make a body that doesnt require a stack of shims to keep it from wobbling? (and it still wobbles somewhat)
  12. Absolutely - the brass breech/chamber will be quite different looking at the shape of that loading nozzle. Im looking forard to the new brass chamber. Im hoping its machined cleaner than the previous abortion that WE calls a "feed ramp". I could care less about CO2 use too. At least for now, maybe next winter I will feel differently.
  13. Lets hope they dont leak like the bomber mags (for WA). They were going to save the day for WA owners - not! And not to "fan the flames" but propane is the most dangerous gas going as for explosions. Every time you turn on the news and there is a CATSASTROPHIC explosion/fire somewhere in the world its ALWAYS propane it seems. propane 1 propane canada On and on and on..... Mind you, this is GIANT stores of propane in the vids, but even a small mag filled with propane can be disastrous if mishandled. I dont know whats worse - lipoly in the house or propane ch
  14. ^ No worries. Like I wrote on the wiki post, at the end of the day there is only ONE we M4. I'd suggest reading this one page. You did fine. WIKI POST - WE "VERSIONS" - THE REALITY. You might have to get the new hop/inner barrel. So what. A few dollars and your WE that you bought for a good price is brought up to spec. with the latest revisions.
  15. 100% reconciled. We're cool froggy, peace. OTTO
  16. ^ WHOA! Dude, what the hell are you ranting about? Cool down or go away. I bought a SP and spent a ton of money on it - and it still sucked. Innaccurate as Hell & HOSES & GAS TANKS BLOW - and so does Sniper-X! End of story. Whats your problem with that? You're going to attempt to lecture me about "what a stock Sun Project is" and how much you have to spend to make an SP work properly?? lol....yeah, "check".......I was part of the Classic Airsoft forum and SP movement years back. Been there, done that.
  17. Thats what Im learning. The steel nozzles are creating all sorts of problems in many many guns. There is nothing wrong with the brass nozzles. Except for the >weak< brass legs on the floating valves. Take a steel floating valve (the internals) and put it in a brass nozzle and you have a great setup. In the end, steel nozzles were completely unnecessary - they cant be used with Co2 as originally announced/intended, - and the rear of the nozzle that stripped repeatedly on Cephas' (??) nozzles, is STILL brass on the steel nozzles. Add to the reports of chronic venti
  18. Yeah, put the brass nozzle back in.
  19. Who said I owned a stock Sun Project. I spent the thousand dollars that was necessary to turn it from a "dog with fleas" into just a "dog" (grin). Biggest piece of krap I ever wasted money on. And as most can tell you, dealing with Sniperx turned an unhappy experience into something truly awful. The SHOEI MP44 - both of them, I owned 2 - were the next biggest "paperweights". The happiest day of my life is when I dumped the last one on ebay. Good riddance. At least the WE M4 actually shot out of the box. I was so happy!! Think of how LUCKY we are not having to depend on
  20. ps.... KSC .30g bb's and the new "gen2" hop system DAMN, as good as it gets. I tried other barnds of bb's that hated the new hop system (and the old hopup too). But KSC seems to be the magic surface for the new hopup. Once you get your new hop system installed and dialed in, try KSC .30 bb's.
  21. No, not Escort. Obviously I know Escort since I owned a few SHOEI guns which are escort powered. here it is --- DG - OFFERING THE SAME OLD/SAME OLD- WHOOPEE! Basically another Escort/Sun project gun. They have been advertising in our forums news section quite a bit. What they keep missing is people DONT want hoses attached to their gun. Especially after using a "gas in the mag" gun like the WE or WA. Youd never go back.
  22. THANK YOU my friend! Im trying to get his rifle up and running. You saved the day ; ) OTTO PS... Sun Project is a modified escort system also. It does precede the WE M4. It had the external air rig. I had an SP M4 - it is in my 'top 5 biggest airsoft disappointments' after my SHOEI MP44's. lol...what a piece of krap! The Sun Project came with NO hop up. Funny story,....the day I got it, I fired it out the front door and into the neighbors yard. To my shock and horror, the bb's only went 50 feet and arced straight down onto the trunk of my neighbors brand new car. Th
  23. Yes,..and be sure to order a FEW extra green hop sleeves to go with the chrome barrel. You need to sort through a few sleeves to find a good one that fits properly. I hope to have a wiki entry soon covering the new gen2 hopup system and selecting a good sleeve. I dont think that the WE M4 (or any GBB rifle) will have the 'shot to shot' precision of an aeg, but the new hop and barrel brings it close. Quite acceptable. Redline - Thanks for the info. Id like to have a single o-ring steel nozzle to compare. Cant even get one now. Cant even get ANY nozzles right now since AB too
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