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    -UTG M324 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle
    5th Gen 3-9X40 Mil-Dot Red/Green Illuminated Scope
    UTG Weaver RAIL Bi-Pod
    Weaver Compact Scope Mount

    -UTG M87 SOS Airsoft Shotgun V2.0
    Spec Ops Reflex Sight
    Deluxe Tactical Flashlight

    -KWC High Grade M17 Airsoft Spring Pistol Black

    SWAT Team Style Helmet
    Woodland Camo Boonie
    TPG Shooter Goggles
    UTG Sport Cross Draw Vest (BK)
    OD Green Flightsuit BDU
    Woodland Camo BDUs
    Harbinger F-F Gloves
    Tactical Pistol Belt/Mag Pouches
    M-16 Six Mag Pouch (BK)
    Tactical Elite Leg/Hip Holster Right Hand (BK)
    Camouflage Face Paint
    Double Pistol Magazine Pouch
    Combat Boots
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    Im a Big Airsoft Fan, I am in a Tactical SWAT Team with my friends. My grandfather was a Sheriff and was one of the first to join the S.E.B (Special Enforcement Bureau) they were SWAT before SWAT was known as SWAT, and my father served in Vietnam and then became a SEAL. Oh and my cousin is a Marine. That's why I got into airsoft. My current Rank is Officer. Im the Sniper for our team and the CQB Specialist. Ive played Drums for about 7 years and Im pretty good at it too, Im also an animal rights activist. I play such computer games as The Call of Duty series, SWAT 4, SWAT 4:The Stetchkov Syndicate, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 1942, Navy SEALs, Marine Sharpshooter 1 and 2, Socom: Navy SEALs Series, Timeshift, Halo 1 and 2, Soldier of Fortune 2, Splinter Cell Series, the Half-Life Series and a few more. My old account on here was N1ck_Wh34tl37, I would delete it but I dont know how. <br /><br />Oh and I base my gear on what the Huntington Beach SWAT Team uses.<br /><br />*NOTE*Im not Obsessed with SWAT.
  1. Yeh I know, my local swat team also uses OD and Woodland Camo
  2. This is a thread for SWAT Loadouts, most loadouts are black. Mine is a mixture of Woodland and Black oh and OD
  3. No it's not. My rifle is what I use in my SWAT Loadout. And thus shall be viewed here.
  4. Hey Guys... Check out my Painted M324 Sniper Rifle...
  5. yeh I know but there's so many pages in there, no one would ever see my rifle.
  6. Check out my Painted UTG M324 Sniper Rifle!
  7. My UTG M87 SOS Special Ops Spring Airsoft Shotgun V2.0
  8. Yeh I agree with Agent orange, Good setup Revelations. Im thinking of getting a TM MP7. Is it a good gun?PM me if you have or know if the MP7 is a good buy.
  9. What I meant to say was....should I buy the mp5 a3 collapsible stock to put on my MP5 a4 or should I save my money and buy something else?
  10. Lol wow really good pics, I was going to get another classic army weapon. Is the CA MP5 A5 good? or should I still remain with the MP5 a4? which is better?
  11. What SWAT gear and Weapons do YOU have? I have... SAS SWAT Tactical Vest - Deluxe Modular Version (Black), Tactical Full Finger Gloves, Black Helmet-Kevlar PASGT Replica, Tactical Thigh Pistol Holster, Hand Held Combat Radio(fits into back of my tactical vest), Tactical Belt. Shooting Glasses, Black Tactical M16 Thigh Mag Pouch, Stainless Steel Multi Tool(for cutting wires etc.), Black Tactical Boots, Black Tactical Knee and Elbow Pads. Weapons: Classic Army MP5 A4 Auto Electric Gun with G&P Flashlight, M3 Super 90 Benelli Shotgun with flashlight attached and sli
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