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  1. Spotted a problem with the menu bar... The forum automatically resizes posted images to the maximum width of the post. However, this feature does not yet take in to account the presence of the menu bar, so the forum is stretched off the right side of the browser window by the approximate width of the menu bar. Obviously not an urgent fix at all, but thought you'd want to know.
  2. Nope, it's a problem with the engine. For example, do a search for "MP5". There is a topic in the General discussion that has MP5 in its title and in the thread. This post I am writing, also uses MP5 several times. It doesn't even try to search, as it complains that it needs 4 characters minimum. This could be quite a handicap considering all the useful terms one might want to use to find out about a gun they want to purchase... e.g. MP5, M16, G36, M11, 92f, G19, USP, 8mm, KJW, 18c, PPK, TMP, ICS, CA, TM, WA, KSC, KWA, etc... All unsearchable. Arnie will get round to it soo
  3. Excellent. I just tried it and it's great. I can't wait to see it when it's 'tidied' Thanks again. --------------- Edit: Now that I've had a chance to play with it, it really helps integrate the forums with the rest of the site too. (e.g. You can easily access the reviews, projects, articles and supporters from here). Top job!
  4. This issue has been looked at here... http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=15 I think a time-limit has been imposed on editing. Enjoy...
  5. Hi Kevair, Feel free to start a thread in the Project Suggestions forum, asking people to post photos and information about any custom jobs they have done or had done to their Airsoft kit. Your thread can be added to by other members, who have some surprisingly unusual replicas lurking in the back of their closets. I for one enjoy nothing better than getting out the angle-grinder, oxy-acet welder, drill and saw, to create yet another freakish custom masterpiece that I love and everyone else says "Blimey, you took how long making that piece of *****??!?!?" Here's an example of on
  6. Yey! It works. Thanks yet again Arnie
  7. I was trying to attach a 1.1MB Zip file in response to another post. However, I get the following message, even though the global limit is 2MB... Request entity too large! The POST method does not allow the data transmitted, or the data volume exceeds the capacity limit. If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster Error 413 www.arniesairsoft.co.uk Tue 07 Sep 2004 11:41:58 AM BST Apache/2.0.40 (Red Hat Linux) Any ideas? The Zip is a game for you Arn (in response to "Decent PC Games" thread). I wrote it a few months back and it's the best stress rel
  8. Eeeeexcellent (said in a very Mr. Burns style way). It's great to see the forums open! Well done on all fronts.
  9. Just checked out the review pages that have been added to the new layout - very nice. However, it looks like there may be a few reviews missing. The ICS MP5-A4 review I did isn't there any more, neither is the Marui Lo-Cap Speed Loader, or the X2 Glowring review (I want one of those for my dog's collar), and there may be others. The X2 Glowring review can be reached via the news page, but it is not indexed in the reviews section. Also, the "updated" tag at the bottom of the AEGs page says... This page last updated Monday, November 11, 2002 7:52 PM Copyright 2002 Arnie'sAirsof
  10. Excellent. It's all coming together
  11. Cheers. I seem to remember that the polls could be edited under the old system. I agree that it's probably not the best thing to let people edit, but the time-limit on editing sounds like a great idea. Obviously not the most important or urgent feature required, but one for the future. I guess I'll just have to be more careful of my spelling until editing polls is available.
  12. Arnie, I've noticed a couple of other features that could do with adding - the Spell checker for new forum posts, and the Language filter. Just thought I'd list them here so you have a record of things to do that you may not have thought about yet. If you already have a complete list, just tell me to shut up. If you want me to list things here as I find them, let me know Keep up the good work.
  13. It's on now! Thanks Arnie. Although it doesn't seem to be possible to edit the poll once initially submitted. Could this be down to another switch that is currently off?
  14. Well, it may work dfferently to the old polling system, but it works! Even the Sledge Action Figure likes it.....
  15. Curiosity is probably getting the better of me, but it seems that we have lost the dear old "Polls" feature of the old forum. Is this a sacrifice we must make for the new forum, or will it be brought back to us in the near future? Personally, I'm not too bothered, but I know "Sledge" is going to 'do his nut' if he can't find out the latest public mood on the "Coke or Pepsi" question
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