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    The one and only G36-Intimidator,
    ICS MP5-A4
    3 x Maruzen MP5k GBBs,
    3 x G23f GBBs,
    4 x G19 GBBs,
    2 x TM Desert Eagle GBBs (Chrome),
    TM H-Capa (all metal),
    HFC M190,
    TM XM177e2,
    KJW USP Compact GBB,
    2 x KWA USP Compacts,
    2 x SA80 rifles,
    Many springers,
    Several crates of pyros,
    Black SAAV tac-vest,
    Guarder SWAT tac-vest,
    About 20,000 BBs,
    17 cans of Green Gas,
    1 can of AE Winter Gas,
    S-10 Respirator with NBC filters and reinforced lenses,
    Guarder safety glasses,
    DPM Soldier 95 set,
    Full Blacks set,
    Too many spare mags to count,
    Electric reloader,
    Several radio transcievers,
    Several boxes of spare gun parts,
    Numerous holsters, mag-pouches, and 2/3-point slings,
    MP5k Shoulder harness,
    and LOADS more...
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    So, do you fancy coming in for a coffee m'dear?
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    United Kingdom

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    Static in the UK, but wishing I was motorbiking around the world - UK > Europe > Russia > Alaska > USA > UK.
  1. Hey R22,

    I'm currently designing an airsoft mini gun as my MEng final year project and saw your post about "previous attempts" on this project. Do you mind me asking you some questions about it?

    (if so carry on reading )

    Was woundering how much detail you put into reasurch? as i haven't been able to find out much about it. Have you ever heard of...

  2. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrreeeessssss R22?

  3. R22Master

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    By the power of MERGING!!!!! Fish indeed
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