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  1. Hey R22,

    I'm currently designing an airsoft mini gun as my MEng final year project and saw your post about "previous attempts" on this project. Do you mind me asking you some questions about it?

    (if so carry on reading )

    Was woundering how much detail you put into reasurch? as i haven't been able to find out much about it. Have you ever heard of...

  2. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrreeeessssss R22?

  3. Cheers for the vote of confidence all - it is much appreciated. I personally can only apologize for my own recent absenses from the forums but I am hoping to get stuck in more in the very near future. And to that end - 101matt1 - your signature is too big (as is yours cllwayzata2011 and Crispin1025). Shorten them at the vertical asap or suffer a severe slapping with either a wet trout or a "care-bear" soaked in diesel (sorry, couldn't resist)
  4. Sounds like a bloody good idea to me. Forum created... Forum: The Game Description: Chat about Airsoft Skirmishing, tactics, new game ideas, favorite sites, and anything to help those of us who spend every weekend playing 'the game'!
  5. Cheers Papillon, Your sentiments, thoughts and intentions are very much appreciated. We (as in myself and the rest of the admin/moderating team) do what we can, and it is great to know that our efforts on behalf of the Airsoft community as a whole are appreciated. I can only hope that you (and others) continue to enjoy this site and take pride in being part of our community of Airsofters, no matter where you reside. Take care and keep on 'softin' R22
  6. Hmmmm, Okay, the PSG-1 may well be a G-3 variant, but does that mean it's NOT worthy of it's own thread here? Forgive me if I've missed a previous PSG-1 pictures thread but if a member here wants to create a thread for PSG-1 photos, why should we stop that? I may be biased in the fact that I hate MP5s and Love customized MP5Ks, but surely we can't persecute members for wanting photos of a replica that has similarities with other similar replicas. Please - original poster - if the tips offered by previous posters satisfy you the let me (or another mod) know and we will diver
  7. I have just added a "Bulk / Misc Sales" sub-section to the new system Well, this (as far as I see it) is an indictment of "Darwin's Principal". If sellers want too much then they're going to end up disappointed. If they are reasonable in their requests then they will get a quick sale. Basically if the seller wants top-dollar then they can use the system to their advantage and either get stone-walled or get a buyer with more money than sense. If a seller actually wants to sell their gear in a reasonable time-frame then they can configure their sale accordingly.
  8. There's nothing to stop a member making a small profit on an item they want to sell on, but I think you are referring to something akin to running a business through the system using it as your shop-front (as many "Powersellers" do on eBay). That would be a call for Arnie to make as it would involve a fundamental policy-shift.
  9. I personally like it. There's a lot more scope for sellers, better search facilities for buyers, and a more organized approach. I still like the old system too but as we now have more members than any other internet Airsoft site, we do need to cater for increased demand. Now this new system is VERY different to the old system and I can see a lot of regs objecting to it as it is "not what they are used to", but I reckon it's worth giving it a chance before dismissing it. I do think that some kind of US/UK distinction needs to be made but this could be done with a "location"
  10. Yeah sure, Please PM me the forum type (site or team), name, description, list of mods you want for it, and any special requirements such as password, etc... I will create it as soon as I have the details
  11. Thanks very much for your suggestion Rob. We are currently considering something along these lines. It won't be the same as the ASCUK system (although I wouldn't know as I never even saw that ), but the idea has been saluted already by me at least. We'll decide what to do after some deep and nerdy conflabulations between myself and the rest of the Staff Cheers
  12. The rules will remain the same no matter which system is implemented. These are 1 Joule for all sales except for sales where both the buyer and seller lives in the USA. As mentioned we can't put this site in a legal grey area by promoting or condoning legally questionable activities. I'm sure you understand Excuse my denseness, but what's a "group buying forum"? ----------------- On the question of dividing the existing sub-forums until a more permenant system can be implemented, I will work on this over the next couple of days. I will be keeping it simple th
  13. I spoke with Arnie again today and he is planning to integrate the new system mentioned earlier. This would be a fully interactive "Sales" system that works in a similar way to the Review Database. It will allow users to upload several images, be fully searchable in several ways, have discussion space and several custom fields and categories for different types of sales (somewhat similar to the eBay system, but without the 'auction' layout. It may take a while to fully setup and integrate this system, and more news will be posted up about it as more is known. In the mean time I wil
  14. I am also aware of this. I have spoken with several ASCUK regs and have had the same feedback. Again, I am all in favor of a little "restructuring" of our Sales forums as a result, but I don't think it should be as fragmented as the system used on the ASCUK boards previously. My personal suggestions would be as follows... For the UK and USA Sales forums... Split the "For Sale" sub-forum in to the following categories... AEGs GBBs Other Replicas Kit & Clothing Other (Of course this doesn't really help the chap that wants to sell his webbing, his old AEG and 3 batt
  15. Hi all. Thanks for your PMs but I have been away from the forums (unavoidably) for the last couple of months. However I am now BACK and going through the 200 or so PMs I have received at the moment. I am currently up to July 9th (meaning all PMs sent to me before that date have now been either actioned or replied to). Anything received after that date will be replied to as soon as I can get to it (gotta reply to PMs in chronological order to be fair). I expect to be fully up to date on PMs by this weekend. Any requests sent to me already should be actioned by then. Apologies
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