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  1. Locking is a common problem with version 2 gearboxes so some sort of MOSFET would definately help. I fitted an ASCU v2 in my gun & changed the selector lever so it only fires of semi.I've never had any problems with my gear box locking up. It doesn't have to be an ASCU there are other types of MOSFET out there people will recommend.
  2. I'm with Darklite.I've invested to much in it to spray it. With what i've learnt during the build i'll probably just buy another gun,do the mods & spray that?
  3. I'm going to be fitting an Ergo pistol grip as soon as i can spare £20 to buy one from Hong Kong. ....... & i'm still tempted to paint it Tan. Tempted but i can't bring myself to do it yet as it will cover over the trades.
  4. I remember many groans from the lefties when they had to shoot right handed. Saying that ,when they were brought up to speed they were as good at shooting as everyone else. Saying that,in my Regiment we were never taught to shoot using iron sights,not even the ones on the SUSAT.
  5. The last bits of work on my L129. A working ambidextrous mag release.
  6. Try www.milspecsolutions.co.uk
  7. I finally finished my 6x ACOG build. Most time was spent waiting for the parts. & now my L129 looks like this {sorry about the pictures,as you will be able to see it's a bit wet outside}. Still to do,i now have to fit the shell deflector to the upper reciever as they stop the scope mounts being fitted. I am starting workon that tomorrow & i'll also be fitting an ambidextrous Mag release which will involve cutting a slot in the lower reciever & other scary things. [url=http://s44.photobucket.com/user/ro11ingthunder/media/airsoft%20guns/1003549_10202328207664936
  8. Pictures of my L129 with the ambi selector lever. 6x ACOG pictures to follow. & a closer look,yes i need to sort out the paint. I had issues thanks to the glue.
  9. I have just fitted a false ambi selector lever on my L129 today. It was one of the things that was lacking.
  10. Ok the latest mod to my L129. I've had full trades added. I'm currently in the process of making a copy 6x ACOG {using a 4x ACOG ,the best option at the moment}
  11. If you don't have the time Al or are unsure try contacting Iain from www.milspecsolutions.co.uk & i'm sure he would be happy to help out. He's a WE dealer & lurves his gas blow backs. Top bloke & very helpful.
  12. I hope not. It took a bit of luck & some cash to get my SVD to where i wanted it to be. I just hope i get a chance to use it in a game. I'm finding it difficult to find somewhere to store one SVD,more would cause more headaches because of the length.
  13. Finally put my finished gun together, Finished the wing mount & added ladder rail covers. The gun performs flawlessly in the field using a 1800mah Lipo contained in the lower reciever.
  14. I'll post some pictures of my gun tomorrow but for now i thought i'd post a picture of my Scope with finished Wing Mount. I've used a Wing Mount sourced from Ebairsoft so i've have to use some Chemical Metal to fill the holes in the wings.It's isn't 100% yet but not bad for my first time using Chemical Metal.
  15. RSOV . If you search SA80 all available bits come up.
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