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    Beretta M93R II + 3x 49rd mags
    Maruzen UZI pistol (very old model, anyone got mags?)
    Maruzen Type 96 350+
    Boots, gloves, belt, braces...all that...
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    Electronic ,mechanical and robotic inventions.<br />Airsoft, futuristic airsoft guns.<br />Girls. muahahaha...
  1. Uh...I'm pretty sure it goes against arnies airsoft to comment on selling items, so, instead I'll point you to a do it yourself tutorial I made for that item. (you'll need a laser printer, blank dice, sandpaper and an iron. Open source dice making.
  2. I created it to give players random weapons on a modern era battlefield. If they succeed at finding a weapon, I let them roll the die, plus another one that will determine if the weapon is in good condition/usable/jammed/broken beyond repair. (in fact, the second die is not a single one, but three, one green, with good to medium results, other yellow with medium to bad results, and another red with bad to broken results, and I give them depending on player succesfulness in their "find" roll. It would have been easier to create a table, but since my job is doing custom dice, this was easie
  3. Just having fun in creating dice for personal use on a RPG game. :3 Blog post.
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