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  1. Edit: wrong ID (thought this to be BA7932 vest, but I was wrong), sorry.
  2. Croatian Sayeret Maglan reenacting team:
  3. Thanks, Heeb. here's the compplete kit: and this is the original, IDF LOTAR Eilat unit:
  4. Here's one AEG made to look like typical IDF SF CT rifle from about 2008-2010 period, with following accessories: - TDI/FAB/CAA stock (old type) - ARMS #40 BUIS - MARS sight - TDI/CAA X6 rail system - TDI rail panels - TDI/CAA folding grip - TDI/CAA flashlight mount - Surefire 6P flashlight - IDF sling and stock/foregrip elastic bands There are many identical products bearingTDI, CAA or FAB names, so I guess these companies are closely related or even the same company using different names.
  5. LOL, just today I found about black hemet cover. It is simple black fabric held by black elastic band. I did it myself few minutes ago. I'd advise against "ultimate warrior set" from Zahal, it is just too much. Sure those bands are used, but with everything there your rifle will be overpimped unrealistically. Same for stock from your link (I had it some time ago) - it is a quality commercial product but rarely (if at all) used by IDF. FAB pistol grip will fit only GBBR, not AEG. IF you have an AEG and absolutely must have such grip, I found that G&P G27 is closest (although bigger
  6. Belt seems to be standard IDF, Zahal has those in stock. Avoid "Improved helmet bands" as green is stitched to black so you can't remove it easily. Instead, use classic IDF helmet band. Helmet is standard, NV is PVS-7, Wilcox mount. Uniform is standard Bet and quite new and shiny, rank seems to be Samal Rishon (Staff Sargeant) although very rarely worn in action. Vest is probably Marom Dolphin, but they are often modified at unit level. Bulletproof vests are worn in CT situations, but I don't think soldier wears it in this photo. Stock is CAA CBS (not GLR16-S stock, I've never
  7. LOL, Heeb, I just hope you don't hold it against me if I post some more: Sorry
  8. Modern IDF loadout for non-urban environment.
  9. A few new photos from Croatia:
  10. Zahal sizes seem not to be sized down. However, authentic stuff can be found on eBay, seller is zorba139. Those items are army issue, usually worn but in decent condition and sizes are listed in inches/centimeters. Unlike online stores, with this seller you can be sure you are buying real deal issue gear and not replicas. This is especially true regarding slings, helmet covers and bags - most items in online stores are not original.
  11. Here's my take on IDF 1982. Lebanon invasion loadout: Not perfect (boots), but will do for now .
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