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  1. CMP

    HFC M190

    Since I got my hands on Green gas, heres the next part of the review: : SHOOTING THE M190: Having read all about the m190, I already expected it to shoot smooth and without problems. I picked up the mag, filled it up with Green gas and inserted it on my gun. PAM-CLACK-PAM-CLACK is the sound it makes in the shooting proces. WOW, it shot hard, the BB landed right where you aim, but there was still one thing to test:How much a load of gas lasted. I shot the first mag with no problems at all. Loaded a second one, and went through it, again with no problems. I thought to myself: "Would
  2. CMP

    HFC M190

    Thanks for the info, man, but luckily I dont use the safety very much, LOL. Besides, Im very used to my WE Hi capa, because with it you cant do a thing with safety on, so the first thing I do when I pick up any gun, is moving out of the safe position. EDIT: Actually, I never leave any of my guns in safe position, because I think you leave a little bit spring tension on, wich could fatig some springs faster, but thats me.
  3. CMP

    HFC M190

    First of all, Ive been researching about this gun for months now, and yesterday I decided it was time to buy it. The things I most heard about this gun where very good things. Actually, I didnt heard any complaint about this gun at all in 3 forums and 4 reviews. FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The gun came packaged in a brown box, marked in the front "TSD Tactical" Airsoft. Opening the box revealed a lot of manuals and warranty papers. The gun was sitting there in a duroport-molded bed, with some superb quality BBs in there too. So far so good. When I holded the gun, I was shocked!!! It w
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