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  1. It's been a while since I posted but I have still been watching the thread loosely. I have a couple of questions. I own two of the first batch of CO2 mags, what do people mean by "new type" CO2 mags? What has changed? I get about 26 shots out of a full CO2 bulb! I am also interested in knowing if anyone knows of a better replacement bolt catch. I have recently fitted a MagPul BAD lever and a RS pin for the bolt catch (ping pong paddle) but the WE standard catch is way too loose. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all, Mark
  2. Has anyone managed to fix their semi/auto burst issues yet? I have some more spare parts on the way to swap out in a desperate attempt to get mine fixed, still struggling.
  3. Atfer trying long and hard to solve my post CO2 upgrade issues I still have exactly the same problems Nazio. To be honest I have given up trying to solve it right now. I was hoping a solution would appear in the community or a fix of some sort would come from WE. There really does seem to be a fundamental issue somewhere, but I certainly can't locate it! Since my CO2 upgrade I have rebuilt my rifle so many times I lost count and I simply can't find any component at fault. Nothing is loose or misaligned. All the mechanical parts appear to operate correctly, pins and springs secure.
  4. Quick update: my semi/auto burst issue is still not fixed and I still have no idea as to the cause. Thanks go to those who have tried to help so far. I have reassembled my entire gun so many times I lost count and nothing appears worn, in the wrong place or stuck/sticking. I get a consistent 28/29 shots from a single CO2 bulb and my chrono tests have been very inconsistent. I would really like someone to confirm the correct assembly of the trigger parts and where/how the springs should be placed when reassembling the unit. A clutching at straws theory but if the hammer spring was strong enough
  5. "you cannot screw the tube in the way you should", in my case at least in certainly not correct, no offence but are you sure your ASAP is installed as per instructions? is it a real Magpul or a copy? I know which knobs you are describing but they don't interfere with the installation of the buffer tube at all. As I mentioned previously I couldn't screw the buffer tube in any further if I wanted to as it is already flush with the buffer tube retaining pin.
  6. I installed a Magpul ASAP sling mount a fair while back, long before I started having my semi/auto burst issues. If the Magpul ASAP is installed correctly then it doesn't change anything over the standard part it replaces. That being said I can confirm that the buffer tube is now in an improved position, if I could screw it any further in it would be past the buffer retaining pin. And as mentioned this change has not corrected my issue.
  7. My semi/auto issues, the latest update. After a private message from TrooperX, thanks for the help, I double checked the positioning of my buffer tube and the buffer retaining pin. They could both be improved so I have tightened the pin and refitted the buffer tube. Unfortunately the semi/auto burst issue still exists. After a number of counts during my mag tests I can also confirm that the number of shot cycles per mag stands at 28. I suppose this shows consistency somewhere, back to the drawing board.
  8. As per my later update I have NOT managed to remove the semi/auto burst issue but it's certainly reduced in frequency. I also remember the earlier CO2 full auto video WETTI did where the bulb appeared to manage a single mag. I should be so lucky, I am not even getting a full mag usig the semi/burst mode I currently have I do think that my two issues could still be related somehow. I just have keep going until I figure everything out and remember to stop whenever I feel like throwing something out of the window
  9. Correction, after further testing my semi/auto issue still exists since I added part #117
  10. The white block is not on the exploded diagram as it was added to align the nozzle assembly and guide rod after earlier problems. This is commonly called the valve or guide rod stabiliser. It might have been glued to ensure it doesn't move forward during normal use. Part #38 can be a real pig to get out as the stabiliser can have a pretty good grip on it. I normally get round this by first removing bolt #36 and then extending the nozzle and guide rod forward. This allows the two holes through part #38 to be used. I take a small cross head screwdriver and push that through the holes. For the ne
  11. Update on my semi/auto issues. This post stopped me in my thoughts. I had previously managed to convince myself that the new design CO2 system no longer required part #117, it must have been the bottle of wine that clouded my judgement. I have just reassembled my barrel with part #117 in place and the semi/auto issue seems, at the moment, to have been resolved still not getting many shots out of a mag though so there is at least one problem left to figure out. If you push the release valve on a full CO2 mag when not in the gun should the pressure return the release valve after letting
  12. I upgraded the stock trigger parts after the problem started to occur in an attempt to resolve the issue. As you say not much left to try so maybe a full stock rebuild is in order. I have run out of green/propane gas so I can't confirm how that works at the moment.
  13. Yeah I wish I had a WE owner nearby with some fresh eyes. I spent about twenty minutes staring at the trigger unit doing just that earlier but alas no cigar.
  14. I will get some pics done when I don't feel like throwing in the towel... getting mighty close at the moment Double check Ottos post on page #239 regarding rubber selection. That's the only info I can recall. I have taken the barrel apart lots of times now and it's a real pain in the neck. A PMAG or a PMAG outer would be really nice.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion I just removed and rebuilt the trigger unit again to check. Safe, semi and auto modes are working exactly as they should including the valve knocker. Tried another mag after rebuild, no change. For reference my rifle mechanical specification is currently as follows: WE M4 GBB AFC Custom v2 from Airsoft Buddy Upgrades: 7075 aluminium charging handle LAT bearing set TSC steel hammer TSC steel sear TSC steel match trigger type 1 TSC anti-rotation pin type 2 Full CO2 upgrade kit 262mm Precision chrome inner barrel with new hop-up and lo
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