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  1. no just the handset for now, although I plan to get a second handset as a back up
  2. Element (Motorla Talk About Version) Ok, so I was never into throat mic’s and I got over the Bowmen head set really fast. I was thinking about getting one of those police handsets for radios but I stumbled upon the Element Military handset on Gunnerairsoft.com. The shipping time was good and the product arrived safely. The handset color is all black, mostly plastic, and it seems pretty sturdy. It has a rubber ptt button. I have tested the handset with two radios and my voice from the handset to the other radio was good and clear. As far as going the other way around, I can he
  3. Yeah I concure that it does need work for sure, I did not manage to get pics before I painted it. I've seen some people mod their plastic AK's stock and grips to make them look like real wood and I'm gong to try that.
  4. Echo 1 M79 Grenade Launcher Review I just recently bought an Echo1 M79 grenade launcher for scenario games and for the NAM thing. Craft Apple Works and Echo1 Joined forces to provide affordable launchers for the airsoft market but the affordable price is not without its consequences as Echo1’s M79 version sacrifices key strong points in structure. The Echo1 M79 is all plastic and the main body (Trigger Housing) that holds the barrel and the butt stock together is all plastic and too me that is the weak point as its possible while I’m loading a shell that the barrel can snap off one day
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