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  1. UPDATE: in the box it originally came with 2 pistons, the 2nd one broke again, same weak spot apart from that this gun is still holding up BTW i put real steel hogue grips on the 1911 and it fits great, no mods, and it is soooo comfortable
  2. i hate the internals of the gun i bought it at a 'competitive' price because i got some friends in the airsoft world in HK, so for me i think its a good deal, but the only real outstanding things in the gun is the gold bodie itself, because the piston keeps breaking, the mag constantly leaks in dry weather, the safety is waaay to wobbly compared to a hi capa and the sights (NOVAK) wobbles, major design flaw there.
  3. who said it was supposed to be combat effective? its shiny i assume you also dont like the 2 tone hi capas then? i mean they look good and they are bling like a gold 1911 but they are too outstanding? If so i suppose you must find airsoft very frustrating cause most of the time all people care about are the aesthetics, i mean i even read people complaining about the seamlines on a gun, or people getting magpul products just becuase..it looks good Also in the Ali G movie, the 'gangstas' during the sneaky ninka scene where they break into some house they all wear neon camo lmao
  4. OMG GOLD MEU WITH HOGUE GRIPS ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG i also added nite siters to the sight, its a really awesome combo btw mag keeps leaking and the piston keeps breaking, nothing serious, but the spring doesnt hold it back anymore, this doesnt really affect its performance but im not sure
  5. uhh i dont think i have emphazed this enough but the gold is electroplated, not sprayed on so theres really no worry in using paint thinner to remove the orange tip (if there is an orange tip)
  6. why do you need a looksee my pics arent good enough :'( ?
  7. HAHAHAHAHA! LOL! no needa sweat bro thats just my window frame in the reflection colours even although the surface aint smooth, its a bit rough, but for some messed up reason, the areas like where the rail would usually be at the frame, trigger guard and grips is actually smooth, whilst the more exposed areas like the entire slide and sides of the frame all share the same rough texture
  8. i would like to answer that question but i have no ** idea what the black colour shining under the gold colour.. if i were to make a guess at what you are asking, then i would say: the 'black' under the 'gold' is probaly my *suitcase* nokia e71 camera, its gold, not real gold, but still shiny in the range of gold colour gold ? and its not paint, its been electroplated on, thats for sure, i tried to scratch some areas in the frame (on the inside of course!) with my keys and it left very light gold ditches meaning the surface is quite strong, and its been electroplated for sure, sinc
  9. haha thanks man, its times like these that make you appreciate facebooks speedy upload services heres the pics http://img40.imageshack.us/i/cimg2310.jpg/ http://img32.imageshack.us/i/cimg2307.jpg/ http://img36.imageshack.us/i/cimg2306.jpg/ http://img199.imageshack.us/i/cimg2311.jpg/ http://img13.imageshack.us/i/cimg2308n.jpg/ http://img13.imageshack.us/i/cimg2309b.jpg/ some pics not with my good camera but my camera phone http://img193.imageshack.us/i/05062009205.jpg/ http://img14.imageshack.us/i/05062009204.jpg/ http://img23.imageshack.us/i/05062009200e.jpg/
  10. hey i got detailed pics of the finish with a better camera, which can explain all your questions but i cant add them cause they're too big and im a noob at resizing, anyone want to help out? as in i email you pics you resize and put it up? currently, the finish is strong, i even tried scratching it with my keys and it barely left scratches (inside the frame of course) i highly doubt it will flake off because it seems to be plated with a pretty strong or thick layer
  11. http://www.gunnerairsoft.com/catalog/produ...25e78f3013eaa85 gunners i believe is selling them my supplier has good connections i guess, and im using my gun to skirmish since my glock is gettin old i took some detailed pics of the finish of the gun but i cant put it on, apparantly because 'The file was larger than the available space' so ...anyway to post the pics up? it seems as if all the pics i've added to this thread is being totally up so i only have 745.57k of space to add pics? fml
  12. ok i got the box to prove it i bought it from a good source he is part of the elites in the airsoft world in hong kong so it isnt officially out yet? i havent been to the gun shops in mong kok in ages cause of the damn igcses well i bought this gun on impulse cause my supplier said he only saw 1 so i snapped at the chance i dont know if it is out yet or not but i am damn happy i bought it but feel free to assume i took pictures of a fake army meu to waste all your time
  13. ok i havent seen the silver ones but it is kind of speckled, for some reason the trigger guard is smooth as silk but the slide and sides of the frame are rather...speckled Im guessing the finish of the speckled surfaces are either to provide a rough grip so your hand dont slide cocking it or maybe they didnt sand it down enough before electroplating it, also there are a few impuritiies during the plating stage so a few dirt clumps (around a 1mm in diametre) have formed around the place, also the trades are quite shallow since it has been electroplated it does shine very nicely but it
  14. just got my green gas so i lubed it up then charged this ** up and had some fun, kick is quite strong and it is hella loud, typical. I got out my tm glock and shot it side by side and so far the gas efficiency is quite noticable, but i sanded my stock glock slide so it is even lighter than a stock plastic slide, and it is only around 300 fps on green while the meu is well over 1 joule with a metal slide so i guess it evens out though i can tell you if i had to skirmish i will defintely use the glock, it is waaay light and holds waaaaayy more gas heres some pics, oh yea it turns ou
  15. i've never had a 1911 or any experience with the army MEU, but it shouldnt be any different performance wise anyway to the range of army meu's, but i found the slide to be damn sluggish, maybe not enough lube or the electroplated body and frame cause more friction and weight pictures really dont bring out the gold shine so im gonna edit the first photo to look realistic as you can see in one of the photos even the inside of the frame is gold which probraly (or however you spell it) meant the entire frame and slide is plated slide doesnt feel cold cause its summer lol but i guess
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