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  1. I'm fairly sure that the text of the VCRA states "sell, manufacture or import" as being prohibited activities. :unsure:

    You're right in so far as they're prohibited activities but you're not considering that there are exemptions, such as those for airsofters, film-makers and museums etc.


    From a common-sense POV, think of the system we currently have in place with UKARA?

    How does it work?

    It verifies that BUYERS are entitled to purchase RIFs.

    There's nothing to ensure sellers are entitled to sell RIFs.

    That's because ANYBODY can sell a RIF.


    The confusing part is that the seller IS guilty of a crime if they're not selling to an entitled person.


    Which would therefore imply that purchasing is unrestricted.

    Again, consider the system we actually have in place.

    It's BUYERS who have to be UKARA registered in order to convince retailers they're entitled to buy RIFs.


    It's a rather shifty bit of legislation because it requires Buyers to jump through the hoops but it puts the blame on sellers if an ineligible person actually DOES obtain a RIF.


    Incidentally, another reason it works this way is because if selling RIFs WAS restricted the government would, potentially, have every ex-airsofter demanding compensation for RIFs they could no longer sell.


    As things are, there's absolutely nothing to stop anybody in the UK from selling a RIF though.

    They just have to make sure they sell them to an entitled person or they ARE guilty of a crime.

  2. It's kind of a grey area, the VCRA makes it illegal to sell, manufacture or import RIFs. Technically, purchasing them is legal for anyone. It would therefore seem to that the seller needs to be able to prove they are covered by the skirmisher's defence, or one of the other defences or exceptions under the VCRA (such as filmmaking). It's all very confusing. :blink:


    I think you might have that backwards.


    Anybody can SELL a RIF.

    There's no legal restriction on who can sell a RIF at all.




    It's the seller who gets prosecuted if they aren't selling to a person who's legally entitled to buy a RIF so it's the sellers responsibility to ensure that they're only selling to an entitled person.




    In the case of RIFs seized by bailiffs, they would be legally entitled to sell them but they WOULD have to ensure that the buyers were entitled to buy them.

  3. Scottish and Irish bank notes are not legal tender. Only notes issued by the Bank of England are legal in the UK. Further information here.

    I think the text of that document is worth understanding though.


    "The term legal tender does not in itself govern the acceptability of banknotes in transactions. Whether or not notes have legal tender status, their acceptability as a means of payment is essentially a matter for agreement between the parties involved."


    Hopefully common sense rather than legal minutae should govern whether a person will accept a given bank-note.


    If I can get on the Eurostar in London, get off it in Paris, buy a Double Whopper in the train station and pay in british currency I should hope that we, as a nation, aren't so petty and childish as to refuse scottish and northern irish money on our own home turf.

  4. Phew,


    Guys, please keep the discussion reasonably on-topic.


    I just had to go back and read some of SuperKingBigNuts'posts to find out what all the fuss was about and, frankly, it gave me a head-ache.


    If I have to deal with any more posts of the same quality I'll probably just put him out of my misery by suspending him until he learns how to spell properly and we don't want that, do we? :unsure:

  5. Schools closing is a bit gash, but I see nothing wrong with a business closing for an afternoon so the guys that work there can have a bit of extra time off to enjoy something they clearly quite like, for a few days once every 4 years.

    With my sensible hat on, my main issue is that parents pay a heap of tax in order to pay teachers to look after their kids so they can go out and make a living.

    To ignore that responsibility and force parents to change their plans because of the World Cup is a bit poor IMO.


    As I said, hopefully a bit of common sense would prevail and the school would remain open for kids who can't go home to watch the footie.


    Given the normal ratio of male to female airsofters, I don't support any plan which involves mixing airsofting with sex.

    Given that most airsofters care more about guns than sex.....


    No. Not even gonna go there. :P

  6. People at my local high school get Wednesday afternoon off to watch the world cup match... Surely that's not allowed?


    As in, they're ending the school day early. Because of football. Which isn't important.

    Worst part is, they're probably not doing it just for the kids.

    Chances are that a lot of the teachers will want to watch the match too so they're shutting the school so avoid any embarassing "sudden illnesses" afflicting the staff.


    Hopefully they'll also have the sense to set up a couple of big TVs somewhere so kids can stay at school to watch the footie and, thus, avoid causing chaos for parents who don't have the luxury of picking and choosing when they actually do their job.

  7. Ironic how the one beefing on about the Union is the one with a manx flag in his profile.


    If we want to get technical, I'm 1/4 Scot, 1/4 Lithuanian and 1/2 English. I still consider myself an Englishman. Deal with :P


    Although in motor racing events at least, the Northern Irish have their own flag represented on the podium (ala Colin Turkington, Eddie Scumbag Irvine). I remember when Irvine got his first podium, they put up an ROI flag by mistake. They corrected it the next time...and put up a Union flag :P


    Does NI have its own olympic team? I dont know.



    Stealth - technically, the ROI people are Britons, but are not British. They lived on the land which the romans called Britannia but they are not subjects of Britain.


    Clear as mud?

    I don't mean to be dismissive (honestly) but most of that doesn't really matter.

    I must say, though, it DOES occur to me that somebody from NI might have something other than "British" as their nationality even though they ARE part of the UK, at least.

    England, Scotland and Wales are simply "British" though.


    Regarding motorsport, the first time DC won a GP he asked them to fly the Saltire and was refused, which ruffled some feathers cos Irvine got to fly "his" local flag.

    Fact is, again going back to the title of your passport, "Great Britain" comprises England, Scotland and Wales and the "United Kingdom" comprises Great Britain AND Northern Ireland.

    So, if you're a British citizen the Union flag is your ONLY national flag. Note that NI does NOT have a national flag.

    Incidentally, IIRC, Irvine asked for the Tricolor to be flown which is, frankly, a bit out of order if he is N'Irish.

  8. Did my comparison of an Irish citizen calling themselves British on account of geographical location (the British Isles) with a Mexican citizen calling themselves American on account of geographical location (the Americas) really make what I said that much murkier?

    Erm, I think it might, actually.


    I understand what you're saying, that a mexican has as much right to call themselves "american" as a US citizen, but, in practical terms, are they ever likely to?

    Surely that'd be a bit like a Nigerian or a Kenyan refering to themselves as an "african"?


    In any case, that situation doesn't really transpose across to the UK because, although they share the same lumps of land, the Irish republic isn't part of the British Isles.

    An Irish citizen would no more call themselves British than an Italian would call himself Spanish.


    Of course, by "Irish" citizen we're talking about people who live in Southern Ireland. Northern Ireland IS part of the UK and, as such, the citizens ARE British (whether they like it or not).

    Again with the whole "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" thing.


    It's really not that confusing. :)

  9. I'm very impressed that you managed to *ROLL* a car doing a paltry 35mph.... :blink:

    I managed to roll a Landie several years ago while doing about 20mph.

    I was in the middle of a row of cars trundling along a B-road in icy weather.

    The cars in front all went around a bend and I just slithered off the side of the road and tipped it over in a ditch.

    Worst part was, a farmer showed up with a forklift truck and pushed it back onto it's wheels.

    Upon inspection, it needed a new passenger window, door handle and wing mirror and it would have been fine except that the fork-trucked punched a hole in the roof and buckled all the panels on the drivers side while trying to flip it back onto the wheels. :(


    Apparently, the FBI is convinced that the United Kingdom is not a nation/country/state that one can be born in or have citizenship from. Apparently, one can be a citizen of England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland. According to the FBI. And we wonder why we cannot find Osama and how the 9/11 hijackers slipped through the cracks.





    Anybody have a passport that says "English", "Welsh", or "Scottish" on it?

    Thought not.



    S'funny really, for a forum so into military stuff we seem to miss out on a lot of the finer points of military etiquette.

    Easiest way to get into a fight in with squaddies is to start going on about how you're "english" or "scottish" or whatever. :D



    Worth pointing out, for added clarification, that the correct name for our ickle island nation is "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" so "United Kingdom" or "Britain" is simply an abbreviation in the same way a yank might say they are from the "United States" or "America".

  10. I misjudged a corner today, going about 35mph, the front wheel hit the curb and managed to flip my car onto its side, writing it off (it had like no resale value anyway so its not like the biggest loss ever), you'll be glad to know that I walked away with only a bloodied arm. Hairy stuff. I suppose my rant in this case is a rant about me and my ###### poor judgement :/



    Surely you got some pictures though? :D

  11. I enjoy going out for a ride with my mate on his R1.


    It's something of a running joke that I always try to start me Duc' first cos then nobody else can tell if their bike is running or not. :D


    To be fair, his R1 (dunno if if it is a big-bang jobbie) howls very impressively at higher revs (it's been tuned for around 200bhp) but at idle it sounds like a strimmer.

  12. I stand by what I said, the use of the word "gay" to mean anything generally rubbish is utterly retarded and fairly offensive.

    The worst thing is that it was popularised by Southpark as a means to portray the characters as ignorant, bigoted and stupid but it seems most people just don't get that part.

  13. EDIT - and why on earth were you up at half five on Sunday morning making toast in the first place????

    Well, suffice to say it was the result of a spicy kebab I ate at roughly 11:30pm which left me feeling hungry by 5am. :(


    FWIW, we have a big fancy toaster which was bought on the basis that it could manage "oversize" slices of bread but the current Warburtons loaves are just daft. The bread is about 2/3rds of the width of a regular loaf but about 1.5x the height.

    maybe the guy who designed the loaves was using a 16:9 monitor set to a 4:3 resolution?

  14. To digress competely...


    Sliced bread.

    Why do they make loaves in sizes that don't fit in a toaster?

    Does the guy who runs Warburtons want to make sure that birds will always get fed from with the bits I have to cut off in order to get it to fit in the toaster?

  15. TBH, the biggest problem, as I see it, is that for every scrap of paper we recycle and every plastic bag we don't use there's a pakistani corporation allowing an old supertanker to be scuttled on a beach and left to rot or an african city full of people who simply think it's okay to toss their junk into the local river.


    In the grand scheme of things it all comes down to big business.

    One of the main reasons a chinese factory can sell you an AEG for £70 is cos they don't have to worry about having waste products disposed of properly when they can just dump em in the sea etc.


    I'm not saying that gives us the right to act in a similar manner when we know better but I'm sure it is very frustrating for individuals and for corporations trying to compete for their slice of a market.


    To digress, on a brighter note, one thing that people seem to overlook is that advances in technology often yield good environmental benefits.

    I read somewhere that new Saabs actually pump out cleaner air than they suck in and your fancy new 42" LCD TV only uses about quarter of the power of an old 22" CRT telly.

    In the end I suspect it'll be new technology that saves us from an environmental meltdown rather than recycling and whatnot.


    Again, obviously that's not to say we shouldn't do whatever we can right now to help things along though.

  16. I think I said this before...


    That kind of thing is fine as long as YOU'RE the only one doing it.

    If everybody started doing it we'd be in the same situation but we wouldn't be able to fry food either.

    The jocks would starve.


    Alternative fuels, for the moment at least, are only a good idea as long as very few people actually bother with them.


    Just don't tell the taxman, or I'm doomed. :waggle:

    Also, I couldn't leave this alone...


    Weren't you the one saying how we should just throw people in jail for tax evasion rather than trying to help get them to sort it all out?

  17. FWIW, I do take my recycling pretty seriously and the one thing that gives me the hump is companies who still overlook basic recycling issues.


    Stuff like your average Tesco sandwich. Cardboard box with a cellophane panel in the side so you can see the lovely sandwich inside.

    Terrific except that, if you want to recycle it you've got to dismantle the box and remove the cellophane or the cardboard portion won't get recycled.


    It'd be nice if companies started to make their packaging out of one material or another.

    I know most avid recyclers WILL take the time to rip packaging apart and seperate out the plastic etc but it'd make it much more of a no-brainer for the rest of us if the companies made it easier.



    In other news, I think I read somewhere that a landfill 10 miles square would be large enough to absorb all the projected waste of the USA for the next century so, frankly, it's really not that big a deal.


    Obviously, it'd be nice if we got our sh*t together and started trying to reduce the amount of waste we generate but it seems the planet isn't about to drown under a pile of refuse as some environmentalists would have us believe.

  18. Why should they help him out of the situation that repeatedly commiting crime over a period of years got him into?


    What they should have done was jailed him for tax evasion, then he wouldn't have been able to shoot people.


    Of course, jailing people costs money, and people not paying taxes aren't helping the country's financial situation... :unsure:

    Surely the best way to deal with tax evasion, and similar sorts of offences, is to do something to get back some, or all, of the money if possible rather than imposing punitive measures which do nothing other than screw up a persons life?


    In that situation, the difference between having somebody saying they want to organise a meeting to figure out what he can afford to pay back and having some jumped-up, self-important *beep* tell him "I'm sorry but if you can't pay we'll seize whatever assets we can" might have been the difference between him going nuts or not.

  19. Must admit, I know it's not very PC but I can almost sympathise with him.


    A lot of the people you have to talk to about this stuff are seriously smug, uncompromising, bolshie little knobs.

    What's worse is that a lot of these little sh*tstains who weild the power to ruin your life are actually only spotty little oiks barely out of nappies who probably think "insolvency" means not having 50p for the bus that morning.


    I have, on occasion, been known to kick a door or throw a telephone at the wall after unsuccesfully trying to communicate with them.


    Obviously, there's no excuse for what he did but, in the same way we've decided the banks ARE actually responsible for buggering up the economy, I think it might be fair to pin some of the blame on the tax office IF they weren't trying to help him out.

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