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  1. I'm torn about this. As much as I'd love accurate trademarks, I've not had the best luck with upgrading frames. And my guns are working so well right now, I'm nervous about messing with a good thing.
  2. FYI: The Crimson Trace S&W M&P Laser Grip is compatible with the Marui M&P. No modifications are needed since it doesn't possess those extra fins on the inside which would normally need to be dremeled off for RS grips to work.
  3. The original link is wrong. Here:
  4. Just a quick update. I installed three Tango Down/Vickers base pads on my TM mags. I had to use a dremel to enlarge the opening for access to the fill valve. Not the prettiest job, but it works and function testing all the mags they still performed same as before ... just look more unique. Initially I used a drill but the size of the opening was big enough that it encroached into the original base pads locking tab opening. So I ended up merging the two anyway. Do you guys think people would be interested in legally licensed versions of these for the M&P and Glock?
  5. Thought you guys might find this interesting. I had some spare Tango Down / Vickers M&P base pads (RS) laying around. I figured I'd give them another try on my TM M&P. They are a very tight fit ... but they do fit. You'd need to use a rubber mallet to get them on, and would have to drill a hole for the fill valve, however, once fitted they should work fine with the Marui M&P. YMMV and I still have to drill the holes but I thought this was a cool way to add another interesting accessory to these guns that was somewhat inexpensive to achieve.
  6. Oh snap! Good catch there. You'd think the counterfeiters would take a little more effort to do random serial numbers and fix the little details. At least this way you know if you've got an authentic product or a replica. I know quite a few people who work at Surefire and they often get sent items for warranty only to discover that the item they thought was real is in fact replica. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. I only buy from approved dealers. I will say that the fake x300 I have is the best SF replica I've encountered out of any fake SF products. It's shockingly ok.
  7. I've bought a lot of x300's over the years. From the early production batches through to the last production before they were discontinued by Surefire. I've never seen them with filled blades. The easiest ways to see the difference at a glance between a real X300 and a replica are a solid logo (replica) vs an outlined logo (real). Also, all the replicas didn't bother adding the second pin hole that's been standard on the x300 line which allowed the user to add the included cotter pin to lock the battery compartment latch from accidentally releasing: Here's a side by side with a fe
  8. Ace1Arms are actually still making them, just not openly doing so. They're selling them in regions that are harder to enforce. Such as Japan and other countries. The slides that are OEM buy gunsmodify for RWA are far superior in both quality, function and installation. But they also have a price point that reflects that. Basically you get what you pay for.
  9. Regarding the S&W Pro Core, part of me wishes they went with the non-ported version as I just think the ported one is the ugliest variant they offer. But then it may be in the gun's best interest as shaving that extra weight may mean less sluggish performance when used with a RMR optic. Here's hoping they make a regular M&P 9Pro or 9L. Detonator has better finish but requires break in. Nova require zero break in and if you rub some silicone oil into the slide (wipe off excess) it'll wear less and be less matte.
  10. It's worth pointing out that the KWAs no longer come with three piece uppers.
  11. Rear sight is hand pressed into the dovetail. There's a set screw that is screwed into the top of the rear sight which when screwed in, pushes down a hidden plate beneath the sight. That pushes the hidden plate against the face of the dovetail which in turn pushes the rear sight upwards locking it in place. In a nutshell, you don't need a tool to install the rear sight other than an Allen/hex key to install the set screw, and you have a truly windage adjustable rear sight that is secure and functional.
  12. I spent today helping PTS get their guns ready for display at Shot Show and had to install three of the ATOMs. They went together surprisingly cleanly. Very little if any break in. Not cheap but you get a surprisingly decent amount for it and it's OEM by Gunsmodify. Also the rear sight is 100% left + right adjustable. That plus all the other miscellaneous additions (rubber mag baseplate, tightbore inner barrel, etc), it's a pretty good deal.
  13. I've had a problem with a couple of my mags (2 out of 10). Tried the same fixes but never tried the gasket maker permanent seal. I'll give that a try. Thanks!
  14. Just a quick tip. You may have noticed the grip plug at the bottom rear of the frame that holds the removable back strap in place can get loose and freely rotates. For general plinking it might not be a concern, but if you like to skirmish with the gun, and given the very limited access to OEM TM parts, you probably don't want to loose it. A simple non-permanent fix I've done on all my guns is to tightly wrap the locking nub of the grip plug with some PTFE tape. I use about an 8" strip (more or less) of PTFE tape. The grip plug will be tight as you insert it into the frame (which is good) and
  15. I have some prototype plugs. They're okay. The fit needs tweaking a little but they work. No idea when they will, if ever, come to market. Hopefully someone else makes them. I don't believe the RS plugs would fit.
  16. This evening I did a little more testing. Compared the KSC "Perfect" 0.3g BBs to some other bags I had on hand: G&G Bio 0.25g White BBs, and Bioval 0.27g Clear BBs. The results for these two other BB types were night and day compared to the KSC's: Both G&G and Bioval grouped quite tightly. Perhaps the G&G 0.25g Bio BB's had a little tighter dot shaped group. The Bioval 0.27g Clear BB's were slightly more horizontally spread but they still grouped on the whole quite flat. Some deviation in the groupings could still be attributed to me, as the guns were only fixed in place v
  17. This is exactly what my experience has been with it. When you switched over to BBastard, did you stick with the 0.3's?
  18. Traditionally I've used 0.3g BBs for handgun fundamental practice. But it seems that 0.28's are popular with a lot of people. For precision practice shooting I think I'll stick with 0.3g BBs. Thanks!
  19. I'm meeting with Chris at Shot Show next month. So I've asked him to bring over a couple bags of BBastard. What weight do you guys like?
  20. I don't think at that distance expecting that level of accuracy from round plastic balls is unrealistic. What my friend does with his TM stock hicapa is a testament to what you can get out of a BB. It's a question of whether or not the platform I'm using can be tuned to achieve it. Yes I have metal slides on three out of the four guns. Mainly because I originally bought it for gaming and wanting them to somewhat resemble my real guns, but my goals have shifted. I have a few tightbores on hand. So I'll give them a try. But when it comes to the newest crop of TM pistols I've had really decent pe
  21. So I've mainly been using my TM M&Ps for supplemental handgun training for my real steel shooting. My buddy is a grand master in USPSA (essentially US IPSC) and he uses an airsoft hicapa daily to supplement training for his RS 2011 pistol. He and I will still hit the live fire range together 2-3 times a week for a couple practice sessions and a competition but I've been needing extra work on one handed shooting (both left and right) and during USPSA I use my RS M&Ps ... so I decided to use my TM M&Ps. I've used my airsoft M&Ps for several consecutive days now, and it's definite
  22. They already offer full length slides without cuts.
  23. That's pretty cool. Do you have much input with the guys at Nova? I'd love to see them do:• full size 9 slides with the ATEi slide cuts but no 10-8 markings. • 9L slides with and without the ATEi slide cuts • and most importantly, rear sights with a proper U notch. Current Nova U notches are cut WAYYYY too low (I posted about this before).
  24. Get a Timberwolf Frame and you can guid yourself a Salient Arms Blu. That's pretty much all SAI did. Timberwolf frame + trigger guard undercuts + stippling for the frame.
  25. The Marui M&P is one of those rare guns that really don't have to be upgraded. It works great right out of the box. The only thing I'd suggest is a Nova metal slide kit. But that isn't something you absolutely have to do because I've yet to hear of any Marui M&P guns getting KIA when run on green gas/propane.
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