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  1. Nah the sling swivels did come with the gun and they were already installed. I just took them off as they made a lot of noise and i tend to silence my weapons as much as possible, i also tend not to use a sling. Shame about yours being in customs tho.
  2. Hi mate Thanks for the link to the manual, some interesting stuff there. My skirmish went fine, shot loooads of people. The SLR worked fine, no problems at all. I let one of the guys from my team use it for a little while. When we were attacking across and open field you could hear all the other AEG's firing, and then over all of them was this totally different 'clattering' noise. Its really easy to tell when someone is firing it because the rattling bolt gives it such a unique noise. Overall it was great, no problems at all.
  3. I personally havent tried as i dont have access to normal FAL mags. I have heard that they do fit but they either need modification or are loose or something like that. Not entirely sure tho. On another note, i will be skirmishing with this for the first time tomorrow, so will let you know how it performs.
  4. Just got my SLR back, its now got a systema hop bucking and a PSG1 tightbore inside and it shoots loverly, totaly sorted the accuracy problem out. Range is also brilliant.
  5. Thats a little annoying, oh well. The shots that do go straight seem to match the current sight set-up anyway, so luckily that feature is not really needed. Yeah my fire selector does the same thing, although i have found with mine that if you place the selector half way between safe and auto, it shoots in semi anyway! I cant say i have noticed the seam, it is there but it appears quite subtle on mine, either that or i'm just indifferent to it. I've just sent my SLR off to have a systema hop bucking and a tighbore barrel fitted into it, that should easily be enough to sort out
  6. Rouge Trooper Nice to know somone has god a good'n. My model does have very good range...but at the moment consistency is not that good still. Will send it off to have the rubber fitted as dissasembling it all seems a little daunting. Also, does your version have the same problem with the rear sight as i mentioned in my review, i.e. there is only 1 screw and the sight is glued into place??
  7. Yeah the carrry handle isnt brilliant, but it will hold the rifle up well, just feels a bit loose is all. I have tried 0.25g bb's in it but i get exactly the same results...To be fair, it is better now than it was. I have just done some test firing and the shots are being more consistent. Still not brilliant though. It is however skirmishable, i've just ordered a firely hop bucking for it so hopefully that will improve the consistency anyway.
  8. This is a fairly basic review of the King Arms L1A1 SLR. I have yet to skirmish it, but it has been test fired quite a few times so i will be able to describe its performance partially. Any questions, just pm me! Also for those who may notice, i have removed the sling loops from my model as i dont like things rattling when i'm playing, and i dont use a sling usually anyway. I bought this rather long rifle at the 2008 war and peace show from airsoft armoury, who had only just received it themselves. I paid £330 for the rifle and £20 for a standard 90 round magazine as at the time they had
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