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  1. I've binned a bunch of posts that were completely off topic: suffice to say there is actually a "correct" way to display rockers and the US flag, if you're bothered about it *politely* suggest the right way, and if you're not bothered about it you don't need to post to say that.


    Also the next person to use the words "walt" or "douche" in relation to another forum member wont be able to post for a while, 'kay?

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  2. Its the radio pouch, so not that bad but still annoying.


    Rant:- Strange lower middle to the left back pain. Not enough for pain killers, but definitly painful enough to make me sit funny (Like Steven Seagal after a walk to the fridge while his stunt double did some action scenes for him).

    I fixed it for you.

  3. Odd, it does seem to remove them when they are linked like that when but I was quoting in the picture threads the other day and I couldn't see a way to remove the tags.

    The pics it was quoting were with

    [img= picture url ]

    from places like photobucket.


    If you try quoting this pic you might see what I mean



    If you hit the more reply options button after quoteing then in the top right of the reply frame there's a switch marked "toggle editing mode" that will switch images, urls and youtube videos back to code rather than previews.

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  4. I'm afraid not - the (8 year) is in parenthesis, indicated a subordinate clause. The main subject of the sentence that the indefinite article refers to has an initial consonant; hence there is no need for an. Good effort though. :P

    Who's in the where with the what now?


    Dammit man, if you want to live on our planet you have to speak our language.

  5. I do not donate freely to H4H or similar because I feel it is a soldier's choice to join and go to fight. I dont see any charities for professional drivers who get injured doing their jobs

    http://www.f2benfund.co.uk/My lihttp://www.brdc.co.uk/Benevolent-Fundnk


    I do buy a poppy once a year, to show my respect for those who fought for England.

    Yeah cos the Scotish, Irish, Canadians, Americans, Indians, Malaysians, Polish, Yugoslavians, Belgians, Boers, New Zealanders, Dutch, Czech, Australians and everyone else who fought all fought for England...

  6. We try our best to be consistent but we are-generally speaking- human. Very rarely are any two given situations the same, so it follows the appropriate level of response will not be the same, for example we take into account previous action so something that could be viewed as minor on its own can result in a suspension if its the last in a line of infractions by th same member.

  7. From what Kobayashi-san is communicating it seems he will not continue on and the series is to be his last.

    Just like the VP70. I'm wondering if maybe he's using a phrase like "the ultimate gun" or something meaning how good it is and its getting translated wrong...

  8. In the UK the site's designated first aiders (as well as paramedics and firemen I believe- I'm neither so I don't know for sure)are legally obliged to help, anyone else with training is morally obliged to help anyone without training may feel compelled to help. What that means is if you don't help and belong to the first group you can face prosecution, the second a civil suit and the third will probably feel really bad. :mellow:


    The blanket I wouldn't say is a vital part of personal kit, but it won't hurt- you can't fall on it and puncture a lung or tear a rotator cuff (thanks again academy L85!^_^).

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