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  1. The little boats and castles are actually really useful in setting up your printer for the first time, because how they fail will match up with thousands of other people who've done the same, and then you can just do what they did to dial your settings in with a quick post on a 3d printer forum. If show most folk a random misshapen gun part, they'll either have no idea what's wrong or see gun and think you're trying to be John Malkovich from "in the line of fire"... The format you get the files in won't really matter, as you use a slicer program (I think Creality send you it on the setup
  2. Rentals/loaners are probably the best option for anyone coming in from outside the UK anyway, the law on importing RIFs applies to anything crossing the border already, so nothing brexit related (unless we have a revolution and scrap the vcra...) will change it.
  3. Yeah the problem is for everyone here but thee and me: Theoretically a block booking in a hotel or an airbnb etc would do, but schlepping gear to and fro on busses sounds far less interesting than beer and burgers around a campfire... Though if we can find a couple of sites near each other, one running Saturday one on Sunday lodgings between the two might make for a decent long weekend of pew-pew glug-glug nom-nom...
  4. As a lard bucket, it's not that bad... but yeah, I've cut irnbru, Pepsi and Coke out, not that Irnbru is any good now with the friggin aspartame... My plan is as soon as I can fasten one of my sets of webbing around my gargantuan belly I'll be heading out for a couple games at the local establishments...
  5. Nowadays the done thing seems to be discord, I actually set one up over a year ago and got side tracked... Let's see what happens eh... https://discord.gg/vNzf9jW
  6. Kryptek camo is pretty popular among the more fashion conscious airsofters, and since I assume they have heads, hats in their swanky camo patterns could be a good thing. I've been sent two from Supremeco that are actually a bit better than I expect from your regular baseball cap, first one is the "makhai": Which comes in kryptek's Mandrake woodland pattern and has a velcro square on top instead of a little button like on most caps. This means that you can stick a tiny patch or strobe etc to the top of your head for aerial identification. Or if you're one of those boring people that live in
  7. I think the 100 post rule is the best we have available, even if it's not perfect. I think the only "better" method would be to restrict the sales forums to verified members, but something more than a username in the picture would be required, possibly UKARA membership or a token payment with a method that has age verification and an address attatched eg a credit card, but both of those have financial overheads and I'm not sure how folk would feel about essentially paying for access to the sales boards(or how Arn would feel about taking responsibility for such a system), so i doubt either of t
  8. Please be aware of wht you're posting, anything that would be picked up by the profanity filter in text needs a black bar on it in an image, or I'll just have to delete it,
  9. anyone want two monts free lovefilm? go to lovefilm.com/xmas and use code 9PYMKTDPA

  10. GTAV.. Can I shoot this psrink yet?

  11. Ben Affleck Is the next Batman. I'll take "*suitcase* i never thought I'd say in real life" for 1000...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. renegadecow


      Could have been worse: hire Val Kilmer again.

    3. Wild_XIII


      Or George Clooney with his BAT NIPPLES!

    4. renegadecow



  12. Its gone for now, was around about 2/3AM when it was showing.
  13. yeah, I got just now for a while.
  14. cazboab

    KRISS Thread

    No this one is for pictures, that one is for reviews. You can tell that because this one is in the pictures section, and that one is in the reviews section.
  15. I have an android tablet 'mon the green robots!

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    2. FireKnife


      I have never touched either in my life, mech fighting is meh for me :P.

    3. Stuey


      MWO is ace, tis free give it a go!


      Also which tablet did you plump for? toss up between nexus 7 and asus transformer for me :s

    4. cazboab


      I got the nexus, seems pretty good so far, only gripe after an hour and a half is a the camera, needs an app downloaded to launch the app that's already there, but hidden.

  16. (I have an android tablet now)

  17. Who the *fruitcage* is responsible for putting jigsaws in kinder eggs?

    1. hitmanNo2


      Someone that wants to play a game?

    2. FireKnife


      The people at Kinder?


      Ze Germans?

  18. Anyone else find the walking dead finale was kinda anticlimactic?

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    2. hitmanNo2


      It's was like the writers didn't realize it was actually a season finale.

    3. aznriptide859


      Well they put the "finale" as the death of a long-standing character. Only problem is it was a character many people started to hate during Season 3.

    4. cazboab


      The changes from the comic aren't actually a bad thing, but I think we can safely say the tank's absence wasn't a twist to throw the readers turned viewers off, they just didn't have the budget for it.

  19. Google thingy with Brian holt from echo one, ask him stuff.
  20. So Amazon want me to pre-order BF4 on Xbox. Why yes I would like to get screwed by EA for an incomplete game under the guise of "dlc" on a format that will half the size of the maps, from a retailer who pays as little tax in the UK as possible and screwed up my pre-order for BF3...

    1. Leshy


      Go for it, sounds great!!!

    2. Leshy


      Or do you want a free copy of ARMA3 alpha lite??

    3. cazboab


      Already have arma 3 alpha ;)

  21. Just started watching walking dead, up to season 2 now, Is it me or is Rick Grimes the worst babysitter in history?

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    2. renegadecow


      Eh, depends on who you're catering to. If its 95% of the population, then stupid is very much interesting.

    3. crackisbad


      That is actually why I stopped watching the show; I refuse to believe that survival of the fittest dictated that those morons were the best surviving group to watch.

    4. Wild_XIII


      They should have done it all in Australia. I'm pretty sure the Thunder Dome would have been built by now.

  22. See youtube video of awsome glasses from shot show, find out they're only $6 a pair but $40 minimum shipping. Cock.

    1. Marlowe


      Obvious solution? Group buy for MA.

    2. cazboab
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