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  1. It was like that when I got here. Honest.



    Seriously though Xombo's magic IRC tree is down and has been since 8 ish this morning, hopefully they'll have it back up soon if not... we'll cook something up... In the meantime load the java ap as normal and then type in "/server irc.darkmyst.org" to get into the old (empty) room


    Oh and theres an IRC section on't forums now for when we blow up the server/ when you can't get on or when Ubar hurts your fealings.

  2. If you were trying to connect to irc.arniesairsoft.co.uk, it might not have been switched over to point at the right server at the time you tryed, as far as I know that was only done today, or at least I only noticed today :P. if you're haveing trouble connecting to the chatroom with the java app, try useing a third party client such as mirc or trillian to connect to irc.darkmyst.org, you can also try useing the java/CGIRC clients on www.darkmyst.org, or reading some of there suggestions for connecting.

  3. The IRC channel is NOT managed by the staff of the forum, and is NOT managed to the same rules.

    Indeed, If you have need to contact someone about a problem you have with the chatroom, leave the mods be, they get more than enough work dealing with the massive sigs,porno avatars, folk asking to upgrade there AEG to 7500fps or who hissing sid was, they really don't need to be dealing with PMs asking why Ubar banned you for useing racist comments.


    Instead, as R22 said you should talk to either the person who banned you, or if you don't actually know why you can't connect you should get in contact with one of the IRC ops who are Myself, Joeking27(D^ve on IRC), Ubar and Ronan Keating(who sometimes goes by the name Marlowe on the forum and IRC).

  4. I just tried to go and correct my post and it would not let me.


    Theres a limit on how long you can Edit a post, about an hour iirc

    and also i dont know if the admins. or mods. have the power to do this but if the word offends people why dont they just block it?

    Possibly because its not always used as a curse(although neither is the short form of Richard) and people should be aware that they are responsible for there own actions and useing any word in an offensive context is not a good habit


  5. Yeah... Arnies talked about changeing the DNS to point at darkmyst and theres a few other options.

    Its wrong for a little while(should only be a few more weeks/months one way or another-although I did say that in November...) untill one of the following eventualitys:


    Marcus or someone sets up a dedicated box for us agian


    Arnie Installs an IRC server program onto the server with the forums etc (R22 might be able to do that but its probably something he'd want arnies express permision to do- I know I wouldn't muck about with installing stuff on anyones server unless I'd been told to.)


    Arnie sets the irc.arniesairsoft.co.uk DNS up to redirect to the darkmyst network (not sure if R22 can do that since its slightly different to forum admin tasks).


    Arnie(or R22) changes the guide.


    Judgement day.

  6. I told them about this a month ago. The instructions are wrong.




    You need to connect to inferno.il.us.darkmyst.org. I think they thought I was mucking about when I mentioned it. Well I *fruitcage* wasn't; I'd reinstalled my firewall and mIRC twice before finally twigging...

    Actually no Perch was banned by Ubar for longer than he should have been, (Ubar forgot to set a timer on it or it didn't work) for being "contrary" a heinous offence which gets you a stern talking to or temporary removal from the channel.


    Also its irc2.darkmyst.org (inferno.il is a server on the network located in the US the IRC/IRC2 DNS will redirect you to the lowest pinging server to you for optimum performance which might be inferno, but there are a few european servers, and inferno seems to crash a little more regularly than some) the java client should redirect on its own if it doesn't type:


    /server irc2.darkmyst.org


    Then if the channel doesn't pop up on its own type


    /join #airsoft


    After that it should be fine.

  7. I tryed to post in this thread and got this already in the reply window:



    You'll have to actually kill me Joe, I have a matriarchal 6th sense when my babies are in danger.


    In fact I'm only bringing springers :P Well, maybe just a couple of dozen GBBs :rofl: I'm such a c**t.



    Brew? Mostly anything with a %alcohol my friend I will drink (or smoke ;) ) just about anything.

    Given the right mood, however, any decently mellow ale (not bitter, 'cept Guiness [stout? Bitter? I don't care]) with a genuinely pleasant flavour is prefered. Sadly these number about one in every 20 `ales` these days :( :( 

    The best pub in Britain sells a couple of nice ones; I believe thats still the Square and Compass in Dorset, near Dancing Ledge, but other than that, despite living in a brewing town with over 30 pubs and its own brewery, I rarely find one worth remembering.




    If you give it me in a glass or bottle, chances are I'll drink it  *downs mercury/rat poison cocktail*


    *Doesn't die*

    Didn't see that coming did ya?  ;)



    Oh I was going to do that anyway :P



    I havn't got a scooby doo how that happened, and I've never seen those quotes before. :blink:


    EDIT come to think of it yes I have seen them, but didn't pay any attention to them...

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