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  1. Today, or rather the fact a certian kind of person(by that I don't mean "American", I'm sure more than a few Americans are a bit sick of it now too), who unfortunately has access to TV New crew, feels the need to remind us of its significance. HOW THE HELL COULD WE MISS THE FACT THAT 2,750 PEOPLE DIED!?!? Seriously, If I see one more friggin Bush Speach were he says "...the world has changed*pause for effect* September Eleventh two thousand and one..." I'm afraid I might just spark an international incident.

    This is not an Anti bush rant (even if it does have the same flavour) its an anti anyone who trys to use a terrorist attack as emotional leverage to gain a few votes.

  2. Rant: you lot, why cant you change ya attitude to other people instead of going on full guns blazing at them i mean come on the new guy comes on doesnt know a thing about airosfting he asks for some help and what does he get in return nothing but abuse thrown at him treat others as you would want to be treated ok good.  :( 

    *puts the safety on*


    As several people have already explained(and if you use the View users posts button on myself, ghost, Sid an Sledge you will see this) most of "us lot" will tell the "new guy" what is wrong with his post politely, except in circumstances were deemed unnecessary, for instance when a user Repeatedly makes the same mistakes dispite haveing been informed of the mistakes in previous threads.


    Grand acts of spaktardedness (those larger than say hitting "post" instead of "spell check" you might say :rolleyes: ) will fell the full brunt of everyone. for inctance the User who felt the need to call everyone "morans", or the user who posted the same question in every almost every subforum of the site, after it had been answered twice the day before.


    Almost everything else will incur a gentle hint, and sometimes the Search Button Sonnet.

  3. What gun does the guy behind the guy in the ghille have. Also does the guy in the ghille have the PSG-1. Because it looks like either Ghille Man or the other guy has it.

    CommandoBoy, please dont quote large pictures, if you do change tags for tags. and useing me finely tuned optical receptors (AKA eyes) i can say ghille man has a Berreta M92 and the bloke behind him is holding the Psg


    and you think its accidental myself and drake are never to be seen when theres a cammera out? :D

  4. I'd just like to chip in against the grim peaper/god/father time/random fluctuations with Jebus, for too many reasons to list here, but put it this way, if the stereotypical grip reaper is anything close to true, when my time comes im gonna take his scythe and break his arms and legs with it then Skull#### him.

  5. untill normal service resumes on the proper IRC, if any one wants to use a termpory one i just set up on irc.darkmyst.org #airsoft feel free.

    use the connection method described for going to the regular one with mIRC/ chatzilla etc but use rc.darkmyst.org instead of irc.arniesairsoft.co.uk.

  6. whats in mine now :

    Star 6.05 mm barrel for M16 a1 (£20)


    laylax piston head(£12)



    whats going in eventually

    FAMAS hop (price unknown)

    spring guide(price unknown but i have one here)

    metal body(£90ish from HK but might not fit the EG560 inside it.)

    better scope(dunno how, never mind what it costs)

  7. Ello everybody. (Excuse my bad english :unsure:)

    Now I'm quite finnished with my L85. I've done alot of work...

    As you might remember from my other replies in this thread, my friend used a Famas-hopup. This was a very easy modification, he said.

    But I didn't do like he did. Instead I bought a Systema M4 metal hopupchamber (with Guarder bucking), but this turned out to be kinda... stupid :)


    The pipe, which feeds the BB's from the magazine, was way too short. I had to make it longer. Another tricky part was to stabilize the chamber, so it didn't fit loosely.

    One thing not to forget is that I before all this had modified the magwell for Marui M16-mags. If you read another review on the net that said "It takes 2 seconds... blalbla" - it's a lie, or well, maybe not if you got the right tools/machines, but I used some usual and basic tools :P


    At last, someone else who did the job with sandpaper, I was begining to think I was the only person stupid/patient enough to do that. :D

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