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  1. Being the fickle person that I am, I visited Airsoft Armoury in Chalfont today and am now in love with the CA M15A4 tactical carbine. Only thing that stopped me from buying it was the fact that i've never actually played airsoft and good sense says I should at least play it once before I go out and spend £300 on a gun! Thanks very much for your time though!
  2. First post! Just wanted to ask R22Master or anyone else really this question: I'm a complete noob to this and haven't even been once. I'll be playing a couple of games first to see if I actually like the sport (but it's pretty much a dead cert - I used to love paintball and only gave up due to the huge amounts I was spending on it) After careful consideration I have decided to try and obtain the MP5 as I like the look of it, I was impressed with the review and I want a weapon that will be useful both for CQB and ranged battle. Only problem is that I have some confusion about th
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