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  1. Ok guys, tine for the most tacticool knife suggestions you'll ever make:


    I need a new knife to cut my fruit up at lunchtimes. Hardcore, yes, i know,



    So far, i'm looking towards an opinel slimline, they're reasonably affordable, stainless steel, and a decent length and quite a narrow blade, which would really help.



    So, what folding knife with a blade of around 8 or 10cm or so, stainless blade? :D


    Spyderco Grasshopper or the Kiwi 2- both cheap as chips on Heinnies, both UK EDC legal- all stainless build.

    Blades are smaller than you asked but that's to keep things on the level.


    Really-for fruit butchery- I'd stick with a small folder over a larger one- less likely to freak out 'Non Knife Peeps'. ;)

  2. I just got me a Gerber MKII, so who wants to help me reinact the scene from Aliens? I'll be bishop :P

    also grabbed a MKI at the same time :) they should arrive tomorrow.


    What era Mk2?.... I'd love a 60s one in the original wasp-waisted LD5 steel but it ain't happening, so settled for a classic 1980s straight-waist in 440C.

    Rock solid it is too.

  3. .

    DPX HEST folder too, but £200 for a knife I won't use much seems silly to me.

    Can't EDC it, too nice for a work beater, and I don't get outdoors enough to use it there either!

    ...Add to that there has been more than a few reports of the HEST folder not being everything it's marketing portrayed it to be- a distinct lack of robustness in the pivot and locking was reported on the British Blades forum, and some resulting dummys out of prams.


    Dunno if they've fixed that and it was a 'version 1' issue or summat :)

  4. Did someone mention Spydercos? :D

    So I've been buying again- and picked up the rather lovely Spyderco Valloton. It's a bit of a mix of things aesthetically- a sub-hilt folder with tank like build, but it sits in the hand like it was custom made for me and opens super fast too.




    And here's the complete collection to date.... I'm now at the point where I have decide if I really want a particular Spydie, and If don't already own it wink.png







  5. DLC is a plasma coating not a paint/bake sprayed on finish like Teflon or powder coatings- it's much harder and more abrasion resistant. I had a Native II for several years with the DLC coated blade and it never showed a mark, though harder camping use would probably have resulted in a few scratches.

  6. In lieu of an off-the-shelf Carl Gustav M45, here's my little effort....Based on an ICS M3:



    All your silent sentry removal needs.... :)


    VERY front heavy now- it's an all steel unit I've had machined and custom blued...not 100% sure I'll keep it.


    Just to show everyone it's a slip on/slip off unit- single grub screw means I can convert back to the usual M3 style in seconds.

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  7. Nice piece of kit you got there. Two minor complaints though:


    1. Remove the tape from the flashhider, looks a bit silly and on a real rifle it would probably rip off with the first shot fired.


    2. Redo the magazine-setup. Having a mag upside down like that isn't really smart. When you go into prone or fall over you'll smack that mag right into the ground filling it with all kinds of nasty stuff, rendering it useless.



    Yes, I know it's airsoft. But as you/the guy obviously want your guns to look more realistic, don't stop halfway down the road.


    Both are copied from 1960s period photos*..... So regardless of the sense thereof, they stay. :)


    As already pointed out- the tape is the 'remains' of what was applied and 'shot through' in first contact.

    The reversed mags were a better-than-nothing solution to increasing your instant round count when breaking contact in SOG and Recon units, particularly those not lucky enough to get 30 round mags.


    *In 'NAM magazine part-work and Shelby Stanton's book amongst others

  8. A little something finished off today.... WE full metal Browning converted to a Mk1 with real steel adjustable rear sight and oiled walnut grips- all the conversion work/improvement done with my own fair mitts :)





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