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    I'm a professional Quality Engineer and used to be a Material Scientist working for the M.O.D,
  1. demoncase

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Revolvers you say? Tanaka goodness through and through: all with real wood grips (because it's just right for a wheelgun) From the left: M10 Midnight Blue finish SAA 5.5" Heavyweight detachable cylinder model M19 Heavyweight Python M49 Bodyguard M29 [/url]
  2. demoncase

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Something a bit more racey than my normal wheelieguns....Tanaka M327 TRR8 with holosight and laser.
  3. demoncase

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Gas in grip makes me sad inside.....This'll be Marushin shooting at Inokatsu prices. Really, really needed a Tanaka PEGASUS system's 'guts' in that cylinder. Apart from that- Let's hope it's heavy enough to cosh-into-unconsciouness any weeaboo in the safezone who goes "OMFG- dats a Mateba jus' like Ghost In Dur Shell"
  4. demoncase

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Some Tanaka porn, all with real wood Incidentally- if anyone has a Tanaka revolver they are interested in selling or trading, give me a shout
  5. demoncase

    Snoopy's Initial Impressions on the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 GBB

    My pleasure.... I get a bit bored with people stating 'it's failed cuz its poor quality' without any qualification or analysis.
  6. demoncase

    Snoopy's Initial Impressions on the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 GBB

    Going back to nozzle failures earlier in the thread: That looks like a brittle failure, rather than an overstressed failure, judging* by the shell-shaped tide marks in the failure face on the pictures shown. This is an injection moulded part- Understand that an injection mould will have 3-50 part spaces in each tool, so a single 'shot' produces as many as possible. It's most likely that there are 10 or so nozzles in each shot. If the tool is poorly designed and/or process controls aren't being adhered to, you often get the part-mould furthest from the shot being poorly cast- The plastic is cooling and not flowing as well, so you get 'cold weld' lines which will result in creating a stress raiser in use- The crack is already there, and it's a question of when not if it fails....I've seen this in metal-injection moulded parts and polymer parts equally over the years. This happens over time and as the mould wears- each shot of molten plastic reduces the polish on the inside of the tool, increasing friction and slowing the time the plastic take to travel around the mould. Without regular refinishing of the tool, you can even get 'short shots' where some parts aren't fully 'filled' with plastic. What's at fault here- again extrapolating based on experience- is probably QC not picking up that the process has drifted over time and a small proportion of each batch are non-conforming....In this case, without something like a dye-penetrant inspection of every part, it's hard to spot cold weld on dark plastic parts- short of reported failures. You only use dye-pen on safety critical components due to the cost/time implication, and that ain't airsoft. You can test-to-destruction a sample, then accept or reject the batch- but if there is a variation across a batch (as I describe) it's luck of the draw if you get a non-forming one.....and here we are.... The airvoid in that first noted failure is telling- that's clear a symptom of poor material flow inside the mould as I describe above. Just to note- these are problems that EVERY manufacturer of injection mouldings has to keep on top of- airsoft or not....I went into Homebase to buy a new kitchen bin a few weeks ago and found the 'reduced to clear' ones all had a clear 'cold weld' line running down the length of the body. I didn't buy one. Would all the above stop me buying an MP7 if I was in the market? Nope....It's a production hiccup, for my money. *Not wanting to get into an internet 'willy length' competion, but I've a Bsc in Materials Science, 5 years in a technical materials laboratory specialising in polymers and ceramics, 10 years experience as a NADCAP heat-treatment/chemical processing auditor and 15 years overall in the aerospace industry.
  7. demoncase

    Revolver Picture Thread

    While I haven't done it myself, it would make sense: the old shells have a step in them that's narrower than the new 'bullet' shaped X-cart front end
  8. demoncase

    SMG Picture Thread

    It's a Gerber Mk2. Popular with SOG, James Cameron and The Punisher to name a few
  9. demoncase

    Revolver Picture Thread

    That '66 is crying out for some real wood.
  10. demoncase

    DSC 9375

    Had a busy morning if you'd run through all the ammo in your belt, huh?
  11. demoncase

    Revolver Picture Thread

    TM Python 2.5" on the left... Tanaka M629 Classic Hunter with custom rosewood grip on the right
  12. demoncase

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    In lieu of an off-the-shelf Carl Gustav M45, here's my little effort....Based on an ICS M3 As well as my other 'Nam style silent sentry removal tools- .22 Hush Puppy and good ol' Gerber Mk2
  13. demoncase

    SMG Picture Thread

    In lieu of an off-the-shelf Carl Gustav M45, here's my little effort....Based on an ICS M3: All your silent sentry removal needs.... VERY front heavy now- it's an all steel unit I've had machined and custom blued...not 100% sure I'll keep it. Just to show everyone it's a slip on/slip off unit- single grub screw means I can convert back to the usual M3 style in seconds.
  14. demoncase

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Period M10 holster appeared...and it fits like a glove
  15. demoncase

    Revolver Picture Thread

    New arrival at Casa Demoncase- Tanaka M10 M&P blued steel finish with real wood....Ooh yeah, tunnel rat chic

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