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  1. I have to say, punkypink's vc impression was fantastic.

    Are any of you coming to military oddysey?



    Nope- Belter's is my big re-enactment blow-out for the year....Mrs Demoncase will ream me with a pineapple if I suggest disapearing for another weekend and another 400 mile round trip to watch the tanks :rolleyes:

  2. Damn! can't believe I missed Napalm! Does it really smell like victory, or any different to normal petrol burning?

    I've decided my first military vehicle will be and Mi-24, or an early Huey, just so can go tear-arsing I around 'nam looking for the suitcase.

    Did buy some beo-gam, but it was too small for me. Not too bad for £3.00 though...




    Napalm....it tastes like burning. :D Seriously, we were 5-600 yards away and the heat washed over us like when you open an oven door on a winter day


    Man, I thought I did good with my unworn Beo-gams at £20!.....

  3. Selected pics from the show- The whole album is here: http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a146/dem...20Peace%202008/



    Morden- WW1 Tommy

    Me goodself- US Navy Advisor- Junk Force circa 1969

    Nige- Modern US SF



    EAT THAT CHARLIE!- Rolling Thunder do their bit for global warming with a soupcon of napalm in the early afternoon






    As much as I'd love an APC- this won my heart: Special Force LSV- A full power V8 Rover engine with a close ratio gearbox in a light space frame....see those 4 point harnesses? You damn well need 'em if you open the taps on this little demon off-road.



    Me goodself again- with my M79 Blooper and Beo-gam 5th SF Advisor gear.... Nam-tastic!

  4. Me- in the team loadout- Winter, so K-pot and real Kevlar armour (toasty!)



    Me again- Summer, less the pot and vest for reduction of sweaty armpit syndrome



    Apologies for the G33....No, actually, no apologies for the G33- it's much nicer to heft than the G3 and I prefer the handling to the G36. ;)

  5. Hmm, you like Spyderco then, have you seen their new "Byrd" range designed by them and made in China. Goog cheap working knifes.


    Hmm. They are OK but I find the action on the Byrds I've tried to be "gritty" feeling.... The bog basic VG10 Delicas are super-slick,will cut through most everything with ease and hold an edge- I've used mine for 4 years of solid day-to-day usage and it still locks up solid and a few touches with a Bladetech keep the edge razor sharp.

  6. 28122007479.jpg

    My lovely, lovely Spydercos.


    Top to bottom-

    Original model AUS8 Endura, fully serrated with the original patents stamped in the pocket clips

    Delica- plain edge VG10 blade

    Delica- semi serrated VG10

    Native I- fully serrated CPM30V blade with TiNiC coating

    Native III- plain edge, VG10 blade

    S Model- MIM 440C blade, Almite handle

    Dragonfly- VG10 fully serrated blade

  7. Some of my other work...



    XM177, with custom FNC flashhider metal front end.

    Battery re-routed to readymag system.

    Finished by me in Desert Krylon.


    M16 Patriot- cut down M16a2 with unknown Patriot kit fitted...sweet SMG


    SR16 RIS

    CA M15 metal body and M4 stock

    Guarder Aimpoint replica

    Woodland Paintjob in Tamiya TS sprays by me.

  8. 16122006.jpg16122001.jpg


    BE XM-8 (metal gear box version)

    ~Crappy rearsight hacked off and replaced with length of standard RIS using Milliput and Matt Black paint

    ~CA 30mm Red dot fitted

    ~Feed tube modded to accept TM/ CA G36 mags

    ~OD and Nato Brown camo job, over detail spraying on stock and body.

    ~300fps with a 0.2g from a gun that cost me £35!

  9. The usual ###### bought back from spain,

    a 6" Survival knife with the catapult in the scabbard (yeah...I know),

    5" lockback folder resharpened so many times the point is 1/4" below where it began,

    £3 gerber-copy all stainless liner lock

    Spyderco Delica serrated

    Syderco Delica plain- my work knife.


    If you are looking for a use-it-every-day folder I can heartily reccomend anything by Spyderco- totally awesome.


    Wish list:

    CRKT M16 Desert Tactical tanto folder.

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