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  1. I know a guy putting a gearbox in a Shoei FG42. All the dimensions will stay the same. I think he is putting it in the stock.


    that's crazy. .FG42 is a semi-auto only. . unless your buddy disables full auto in the mechbox. . .FGs only had 10-20 rnd box mags too. . .be weird to have it full auto. .that's like a full auto Barrett. .



  2. The cleaner, you could do with changing your post.... Schmeisser's name was on the Mp40's mags, but Was not remotely involved in the making of the weapon or design. the Nickname was falsely atrubuted by Gi's when they captured the weapons seeing the name stamped on the mag...



  3. You should get a camera and show us your pics!


    that would require me an entire day to dig everything out, set up the guns and lighting. . .and RISK having my wife catching me screwing around w/ my airsoft when I should be spending time with my 2 yr old and newborn. . .


    someday I'll have some time.. .promise. (Really, the MG42 is the biggest problem because it's at the bottom of the stack of boxes high up. )


  4. here's my collection. . .pics are not necessarily my own photos.


    CAW Schmeisser MP-18 Bergmann (model gun)




    Hudson PPSh-41 (PFC, not my pic)




    Shoei MG-42 (airsoft, not my pic)




    Asahi Schmeisser MP-40 (w/ 9 mags. .sorry not my pic)




    AGM Schmeisser MP-40 (w/ 10 mags)




    Tanaka Luger P08 6" HW (not my pic)




    HFC Mauser C96 (not my pic)




    JAC Browning HP Limited (more of a race gun, not really WWII)




    I use to have a Marushin M1 Carbine MAXI SSB 6mm and Marushin KAR98K 6mm ions ago. . .just starting to get back into the WWII guns. .


    I'm not going to show pics of any of the numerous 1911A1s I've owned since those already present on this thread.

  5. most modern handguns barrels tilt when fired/locked back from the modified Browning action iirc, but I meant the P7M13 barrel looks slightly tilted when in battery. Also the reason for my guess that the suppressor wouldn't work on the M8000/M8045 is from the Colt SOCOM prototype which can take a suppressor, but I remembered hearing it attached to the frame, not the barrel. However, it seems that I got misinformation or remembered it totally wrong

    edit: further reading seems I was infact correct that the suppressor is attached to the frame not barrel


    would you like me to fix the tilted barrel in photoshop for you?


    I don't know how to explain it anyway else. .it may LOOK tilted. . but how can you explain it if my barrel is completely concentric the inner barrel and bore?


    optical illusion maybe? all my pics are never straight on. .they're off at an angle in the instance I use a flash.


    for the threaded 8045 barrel ..are you talking about RS cuz then it matters. .for airsoft, a threaded barrel will work. .you just wouldn't want a very large or heavy one on it because of the rotating barrel (and lack of available metal parts).

  6. Cleaner, is it just me or is the P7 threads dip a bit upwards? and I dunno if you can put a threaded barrel on the M8045 Cougar because of the rotating barrel action  ;)


    AliceHKfan. . with the stock P7 barrel on. . when you cock it back..the barrel tilts slightly upward. . could be tolerance, could be how the real one works. .I know the KSC and RS Sig Pros have a tilted barrel when the slide is back.


    My threaded barrel is complete concentric to the inner barrel. .so unless my inner barrel is tweaked or my lathe is really tweaked. . (I don't have an independent chuck so the barrel wouldn't be offset)


    I don't see why the rotating barrel feature on the WA 8045 would be an issue. .the slencer would twist as well


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