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    PARTIAL collection:
    FM GWS Bizon2
    FM Guarder AKS74U
    FM Custom HK SP89
    FM TM SIG 552
    FM ICS SIG 551

    FM Prime Limited Custom LR300 Civilian
    FM Knight's Armament SR-47

    FM FN L1A1 SLR
    FM FN FNC Paratrooper
    FM FN FNC std
    FM SA58 OSW

    CL Custom MGC H&K P7M13-metal side, metal threaded barrel, tightbore

    Tanaka Super Redhawk .454 Casull (metal frame)
    Tanaka S&W M500 8.5" Cassiopeia
    Tanaka Mateba Ghost in Shell

    Magna R-type:
    FM Custom PGC Para Ord P14
    FM Custom PGC Para Ord Doberman
    FM Custom MGC V10 Ultra Compact
    FM Custom SVI 3.9 V6
    FM Custom SVI 3.9 Excel "melded"
    FM Custom ProG4 SVI 3.9 two-tone
    FM SVI 4.3
    FM SVI 6
    FM Kimber Classic Custom
    FM Kimber LAPD SWAT II
    FM Speedcomp II race gun
    FM SVI Tactical Carry Bulldog
    FM SVF Gigant
    FM SVF Prokiller (3.9 slide)
    Custom SVI 3.9 IED w/ metal slide
    Wilson Vreaker V12 w/ metal slide (Wilson 1996A2)
    Wilson Supergrade w/ V12 metal slide (Springfield)

    FM Kimber Ultra Raptor II
    FM Kimber Ultra CDP x 2
    FM Springfield Tommy Franks
    FM Springfield V10
    FM Wilson Professional
    FM Wilson SDS Stealth Defense System
    FM Colt 1911A1 Govt.
    Wilson Tactical Supergrade Compact w/ metal slide
    Springfield V10 w/ metal slide x2

    FM Prime S&W 4013TSW

    FM Mosquito Molds Maruzen M11
    FM ZEKE Maruzen M1911A1
    FM ZEKE Marui Desert Eagle
    FM ZEKE Marui M9
    FM Sig Pro 2009
    FM Sig Pro 2340 x3
    FM Sig Pro 2340 Delta Trial Hybrid
    FM KSC CZ75 v2 (Full ZEKE)
    Socom Gear Kel-Tec PMR30
    FM XDY S&W M945 (KSC/Marui hybrid)
    FM XDY Walther PPK
    FM KSC Glock 17, all trademarks (RA-Tech steel slide/barrel)

    Marushin FN 5-7 8mm
    FM Marushin Glock 21, shell ejector (RA-Tech steel barrel, shell hook, SD slide)

    Russian Mania Work RPG-7B
    Socom Gear Cheytac Intervention M200 (CO2 bolt, 6.01)
    A&K SVD (CO2 bolt)
    Snow Wolf Barrett M99- gas powered (OK gas cylinder, First Factory Zero Trigger group)

    AGM MP40 w/ 20 mags
    KART M14 EBR
    Bravo Winchester 1892 (gas)
    KTW Winchester 1873 Randall Custom
    JLS Beretta CX4 Storm carbine

    MP40, 8 mags

    SPAS 12 w/ stock

    MP18 Bergmann model gun #95/200

    ESCORT based:
    Inokatsu M60E3
    Shoei MG42 #688
    YE MP5 A5 # 425
    YE MP5 A5 #785
    YE MP5 SD6 # 475
    YE MP5 SD6 # 515
    YE MP5 SD6 #651
    Escort MP5 A4
    Escort MP5 A5
    G&P Dragunov SVD
    CAW MP18 Bergmann model gun #95/200
    (currently under the knife)

    AKS74U x3
    RaTech AK74MN
    Inokatsu AK74SN
    LMC AK74N
    PP-19 Bizon1 (currently under the knife)
    GHK Knight's PDW

    WE Tech:
    WE SCAR blk CB
    WE SCAR tan CB

    2x PPSH-41 PFC

    M249 PARA- Asahi FA unit

    Koba Ruger 10/22 Type 211

    KC-02 Ruger 10/22 SD (TSC full steel internals, SS Matrix 6.01 through QD SR25 silencer)

    Phantom AUG

    Double Eagle:
    Benelli M4 shotgun (tri)

    FM Remington M870 w/ telescoping stock
    FM & wood Mosin Nagant (gas)

    Daytona Gun:
    FM CA SA58 RIS rifle

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  1. Any idea if the mags are compatible with the Silverback PP-19 Bizon2?
  2. fyi...the Marushin FN FiveseveN in 8mm has a more drastic hump in the inner barrel The Mateba is pretty interesting looking gun...if you just flip the grip/gas reservoir to the top..the you basically have a std revolver (cylinder opening downward and barrel on top)..it must be what the creators (of the gun) did. Nice review and follow up.
  3. I just picked up a King Arms L1A1 at Evike..I think it was their one and only one in stock. ..got it for a steal too. There are no FN Herstal trademarks on it..at least mine did not... (my Star FN FNC has beautiful trademarks) unlicensed trademarks and no orange barrel is the only reason Customs would be holding your airsoft so I would order away from whoever has it in stock. shop.ehobbyasia.com has the King Arms version for $395 while the Star version is on sale for $299 (Star FNC is on sale for $199) (King Arms FAL $242
  4. I can see part of the blowback housing under the frame...but is there an internal metal framework that the composite slide encompasses? The RS FN FiveseveN's slide= steel internal frame wrapped in polymer
  5. first to have one in the US? are you talking about "as a consumer"? Evike had these in stock for 2-3 months now (unless he sold them already). Very nice though. . I'm enjoying my DSR
  6. ditto. . show me a full metal SVI IED and you got the "Holy Grail" of FM 1911s. another impressive piece would be a FM Compact Wilson..(ie. Wilson trademarked frame)
  7. nice review Wup. . I'll take your word for it and will invest into one.
  8. alot.. .but no where as much as Redwolf is charging. .
  9. BOOOYAH! (GWS Bizon2 kit, 1 of 50) Guarder AKS74U w/ VFC PBS-4 VFC AKS74U w/ Element steel PBS-1
  10. G&P metal AK kits are the most common nowadays and are a great buy. . but I've owned the ZEKE, Prime, Guarder, VFC and DTP ones and those are great. . avoid the G&G and CA one. ..unless you can get the Steel stamped CA one. . I've owned the Guarder wood kits and I've never had a complaint. . .don't know about King Arms or anyone else's wood kits. . If you contact my buddy Matt Shuster of Ironwood Designs (in San Jose, CA) http://www.ironwooddesigns.com/ he's one of the few that supplies one of the best quality of wood furniture of real steel AKs/FN FAL in the US.
  11. Matt, I know for sure the Tactical Carry Bulldog (3.9) was released in 2002 also.. have any idea approx how far apart the release was. Truthfully, I never remember a 4.3 Bulldog , so that's awesome.
  12. here are my AKs: Guarder AKS74U w/ VFC PBS-4 VFC AKS74 w/ VFC tactical handguard, Element PBS-1 steel waiting for my GWS Bizon to come in. . yeeee har Elelment steel PBS-1 Element PBS-1 vs VFC PBS-4
  13. BoomArms . . . $350 (Warewolf/wwjkc got the PGC Wilson kit not too long ago) http://www.boomarms.com/sc/showcatalog.asp...sKeyword=wilson
  14. good find! My next guess was it is a one-piece
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