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    Been through the lot just about....
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  1. -New Shop: -Name of Retailer forum: Valiant Army Supplies -Description: Welcome to Valiantsupplies.com we are a UK retailer based in Notts offering genuine military equipment & quality replica clothing & kit from around the world. We are registered stockist of Web-tex, Viper, Magnums, Highlander but to name just a few, we purchase goods from the genuine UK contractor/distributer of MOD kit. We deliver to the World, and UK mainland is Fixed at only £3.95 no matter how much you buy. We have a small retail area (due to needing more space in warehouse for stock) & your always we
  2. Cheers... Joe of the 27 Kings. I did write to Arnie a couple of times wasn't sure I was going the right way about it.. Well I was just asking & showing website... (which is down (very temp) (so am pointing to my Pro Ebay site at mo). Will try again... will wait until my main website is up & screaming.
  3. I'm more interested in getting myself onto the Retail section alongside the other sellers, have contacted Arnie himself but alas no reply.. what does a Retailer have to do to let people know the bargains in & ahead!! Any moderator can help...please do...
  4. Our works team & all that comes with us.
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