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  1. Sorry necro post, but I am very interested in buying one of these. Just a few questions:


    What kinda of batteries does the gun take?


    Can it run a 9.6 battery?


    Should I get a AK74U or this? lol. Nah, I am just going to get this and stick a 350 FPS spring in there.

  2. I used to have one of those, sold it for $40 ^_^. It was the one from AA. It shot very accurately out to 100'.


    For gaming it is a no go. It was one of the more fun airsoft guns I have shot though, not as much as a GBB. I wouldnt pay that much for it.


    The Dboy Kar98 is a better shell ejecting gun. Also the maruzen M1100 and M870 shotguns are very cool. Tanaka make a fine shell ejecting 870 as well. None of those are really that good for gaming, but they are a lot fun for collecting.

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