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  1. Mr.Hyde

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    Recoil looks pretty good. I gotta say I wasn't expecting much, but this new M4 seems pretty alright. The FPS and ROF are too low to use at most US fields, so hopefully the gearbox can still be upgraded. I'm glad that they changed the hop up to G36 drum style.
  2. Mr.Hyde

    What's your backup?

    Currently it's my custom TM 1911 (guarder metal kit and PDI tightbore, upgraded springs.) Or my custom TM hi-capa (guarder springfield slide, upgraded springs.) Really not liking the hicapa though, I want to replace it with the KWA 1911 DS PTP and keep the 1911.
  3. Mr.Hyde

    What's your backup?

    "writes down: Must buy claymore as new back up" Ok ya I need one of those lol.
  4. Mr.Hyde

    What's your backup?

    My back ups will be: ACM M500 Tanaka M29 .44 magnum TM Desert Eagle UHC VP-70M Market springer lol Is that too much? Oh and a AK74U from echo1 XD
  5. Mr.Hyde

    What's your backup?

    I am thinking about strapping a few echo 1 MP5s to my body in addition to my .44 magnum and Desert Eagle, then maybe a CYMA M14 socom on my back. Is that over doing it? Oh also a TSD springer shotgun strapped to my thigh, and crappy spring pistol. My main is a ICS M4 lol.
  6. Mr.Hyde

    What's your backup?

    I have a TM Desert Eagle as my backup but I;m thinking about getting a Tanaka M29. Belladonna was that a colt .357 magnum you had? is it a Tanka? How awesome is it? lol

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