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  1. Recoil looks pretty good. I gotta say I wasn't expecting much, but this new M4 seems pretty alright. The FPS and ROF are too low to use at most US fields, so hopefully the gearbox can still be upgraded. I'm glad that they changed the hop up to G36 drum style.
  2. Oh so the battery is stored in the upper receiver then? So I would have to modify the battery com. to take a 9.6? Ahh I'll just go for a 8.4 . Thanks man.
  3. Sorry necro post, but I am very interested in buying one of these. Just a few questions: What kinda of batteries does the gun take? Can it run a 9.6 battery? Should I get a AK74U or this? lol. Nah, I am just going to get this and stick a 350 FPS spring in there.
  4. Airsoftatlanta.com just got them in this week. Chrono is 330 FPS on propane. I think I am going to have to get one of these. You know me and my pistols . Still dont have an AEG though.............
  5. Epic fail man. Really, that wood is bad. Not bad review btw.
  6. I used to have one of those, sold it for $40 . It was the one from AA. It shot very accurately out to 100'. For gaming it is a no go. It was one of the more fun airsoft guns I have shot though, not as much as a GBB. I wouldnt pay that much for it. The Dboy Kar98 is a better shell ejecting gun. Also the maruzen M1100 and M870 shotguns are very cool. Tanaka make a fine shell ejecting 870 as well. None of those are really that good for gaming, but they are a lot fun for collecting.
  7. I want that chair, RIGHT NOW!
  8. Well my cat dont really care about airsoft. But she loves chick-chicks lol. They are freezer dried chicken. I tired uploading a picture, dont know if it will work.
  9. Dont have a picture of it but a new coat, it kinda reminds me of Kurt Kobane (Nirvana duh). Love it.
  10. You are spamming the trade threads, offering your guns for trade, in an unacceptable manner. STOP IT.

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