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  1. @Mad-Larkin Just to clarify, I'm not a lefty I was just curious if it would be possible to upgrade the M4 since the Army is upgrading, too
  2. Hey folks, is there a way to install an ambidextrous safety selector to the Nextgen?!
  3. After some initial problems I managed mine to work.. the small trigger switch was some kind of 'stuck' within the housing and caused a 'fire-loop' (trigger was always pressed) It was not as easy to install as I thought and the instructions are not very clear in some way.
  4. I'm still waiting for the BTC Mosfet.. any news yet?
  5. Hey Richard, will u ever produce more M110 Springs? They're sold out for like years now..
  6. pff, as expected, the "very cheap" LaRue receiver is now available http://airsoft123.com/index_ecat.php?cPath=3 FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!! USD$440.00 wow,.. free shipping. /facepalm.
  7. pff,.. 420$? as said above, thats f.. b...
  8. maaaahh, I hate(!) this f...ing bu.ls..t limited super special super high expensive stuff.. *narg. *pure-hate.
  9. The PTS is a copy of the milspec version afaik.
  10. Are there some new shops in europe where the spare parts/Co2 kits are available?
  11. ohh noeez... Airsoftbuddy says on his site: TSC (TS Custom) LaRue Full Metal Recevier - Limited Edition for WE Gas Blow Back M4/M16 ( Pre-order ) --> Price USD$429.00 while airsoft123.com says about the LaRue Receiver (which should have a more reasonable price) "Coming soon from TS Custom....." uhm.. same receiver, no reasonable price to come?
  12. meh, airsoft123, /me want the LaRue receiver,.. can you estimate when it will be available? What about the price.. are there any news? thx
  13. weee.. /me want the LaRue receiver for a "reasonable" price, pls!
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