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  1. Yeah for cooler either go with a giant heatsink, or one of the Corsairs. For bulk storage of photos, videos, documents etc. get a spinning drive of whatever capacity you want (a few TB, right?). They're fairly mature by now, just buy whatever's available from the place you're getting the rest of the parts. Western Digital, Seagate or Samsung would be preferred brands, 7200 rpm will be slightly faster than 5400.


    Windows 10 is £100 if you just buy it, but it's a free upgrade from 7 or 8, do you have any licenses that you could upgrade? If not it might be worth seeing if you can buy a cheap copy of 7 or 8 (for under £100) and upgrade that.


    That SSD is nifty, I had no idea that form factor existed.

  2. Just picked my Dad up from the hospital. :)


    I know a couple of you follow aviation and the news so to keep you updated. There was a Spitfire crash at Biggin Hill airfield yesterday around 1400. The pilot was my dad, he managed a forced landing on the airfield after an engine failure.


    Thankfully he was able to pull himself out of the cockpit and came away with 2 broken ribs, a chipped shoulder bone as well as a lot of bruising.


    Unfortunately the aircraft has been classed as written off and technically not feasible to repair but thankfully the guys at the Heritage Hangar are already planning the rebuild and it should be back in the sky's in the next year or so.


    I don't want to make a side track of the tragic loss of Kevin Whyman yesterday after an incident at Car Fest. But for me personally this has definitely been an eye opener. Made me very thankful for the emergency services and other support services at the airfield and in the Kent area who have been fantastic.


    Someone was watching over him yesterday, had the situation been even a tiny bit different things for me now could be completely different.


    Oh shoot that was your Dad? That's amazing that he gets to fly Spitfires, glad he survived the crash. Do you know what went wrong? All the papers just say loss of power.




    Don't buy a next-gen console.  Upgrade time is the perfect time to side-step the whole issue and get a PC.

    I guarantee you Fallout 4 will work better on PC and probably on SteamOS/Linux for less money.


    Ye. I had a 360, waited a bit and then when they announced the next-gen consoles (are they current-gen yet?) I was basically like '*fruitcage* this *suitcase*', time to drop a grand a new PC (I'd been putting it off for a while, but the thoroughly underwhelming announcement sealed the deal).


    You don't have to spend that much either, you can demonstrably spend the same as a console and get more.

  4. Can someone tell me the lingual difference between a technician and an engineer?

    WAY too many people claim to be 'an engineer' in series, on TV or newspapers.

    Here, an engineer requires 4 years extra higher education, and then you're "just" an industrial. Civil engineer takes 7 years university.

    Yet you see people grabbing the wrong end of a screwdriver, claiming they're an engineer.


    The difference is over here it's not a protected title, so anyone can call themselves an engineer. As a soon-to-be engineering grad, it's mildly annoying.

  5. Problem with making them out of steel would be that those parts would then be much harder than the rest of the internals, and would wear out parts instead.


    When you make stuff you can have good materials making up for bad design or good design making up for bad materials. TM are the latter. If you have both bad design and bad materials, you have a WE 1911.

  6. I have been raging at my ipad more and more recently.


    I know, I know, but I got it out of convenience as I had an iphone at the time.


    I hate it.


    For instance, I use whatsapp for some messaging on my android phone. I foolishly thought I could download the app to ipad and sync the account.


    There isn't a whatsapp for ipads. What? Really?


    Also, it keeps trying to autocorrect ipad to the way apple write it, with a capital 'p'. I click the x every time as a meagre token rebellion.


    *fruitcage* apple.


    Yeees. Yeeeeeees. That's the spirit. Knew you'd come round.


    Try opening web.whatsapp.com on your ipad, then do what it says. Might be almost as good.

  7. All of Archer's animation gets better. By season 6 it's almost too good. The cars and planes action and stuff is all really smooth but the character scenes still have that 'low frame rate' look from season 1.


    The attention to detail is awesome though; I assume it's consistent throughout the show but where I notice it is the gun stuff, Archer is always calling people out for not counting shots, characters clear weapons properly, if you look carefully things like the selectors on guns are in the right position for full auto spraying etc etc.


    It's also quite funny.

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  8. "Fairness" by definition, is applying the same standard to everyone.


    Just to be clear, fair is absolutely not  treating everyone the same, fair is treating everyone fairly.


    This is an important distinction that gets misused a lot when discussing fairness and equality.

  9. Printers are the one area of IT and technology that as far as I can tell haven't advanced at all. They're still just as infuriating and illogical were in the 90s. Anyone tried to install an HP printer? It takes *fruitcage* ages and tries install all this useless bloatware. Ugh.

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