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  1. Problem with making them out of steel would be that those parts would then be much harder than the rest of the internals, and would wear out parts instead. When you make stuff you can have good materials making up for bad design or good design making up for bad materials. TM are the latter. If you have both bad design and bad materials, you have a WE 1911.
  2. I can promise you there is no welding in your G5.
  3. That looks like a replacement magazine follower that won't lock back the slide on empty. TM started including them with their pistols a while back, means you can dry fire without holding down the slide catch.
  4. Yep, Airsoft Zone were good to me too. Great stock, prices and service.
  5. What's the difference between the Japan version and the not-Japan version? Jap one is significantly more expensive (and according to eHobby, less powerful).
  6. I'm almost set on getting one of these to replace my Maruzen, all looks good. How are you finding it so far?
  7. RedWolf 'reviews' are a joke, I facepalmed when he stuck the magnet all over the receiver and concluded that it was steel. That particular video has the half-assed David Attenborough theme that makes it painful to watch, I wish they'd either give up or start taking it seriously. While disappointed at the lack of metal, I'm still very tempted by this to replace my Maruzen. Sounds good so far. What we need to do is all buy them so they're popular and a steel receiver gets made.
  8. Well not feeling hits isn't an issue when the gun is putting out ~9 J, getting less energy was the whole point behind the idea. Quality wise it depends which ones you buy. TM make .12g BBs, (link), these SMK ones are also probably fine, especially for a shotgun.
  9. Really? I'd say it was super practical. I could hang a few off those off my webbing easily. It's a great idea actually, never thought of that.
  10. No that's not super clear from the post I feel...
  11. However, the one you posted a picture of has a belt mount on it
  12. Yeah the hicapa won't fit in a serpa for a different reason, the square trigger guard.
  13. Oh, I think they're kinda cool. I don't think I'm the only one either...
  14. I think he is talking about the DW, look at the full thread.... (doesn't really matter though)
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