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  1. Tokyo Marui M1911-A1 Springfield Armory Custom










    TM M1911-A1 Base

    Nova 3 Hole Trigger

    Nova Stainless Barrel Bushing

    Nove Springfield Slide & Frame set

    Nova SFA Stainless Beavertail

    Nova Stainless Magwell

    Nova Full Length Recoil Guide & Bushing

    Nova Extended Slide Stop

    Nova Ambi Safety

    Airsoft Surgeon Recoil Spring & nhanced Piston Head

    Shooters Design Springfield Hybrid Chamber & Threaded Barrel

    PDI Stainless Delta Hammer

    RS Springfield Armory Cross Cannon Wood Grips

    TM MEU Magazine


  2. Ive also notice he has a flat finish to the back of the slide lock where the others are oval, but this is an easy mod if you have the right tools. Well spotted on the logo on the rear of the frame. Maybe its an early version of the Tercel?

  3. These MEU grips have no been replaced with something fancier. I think it looks wayyy better :) sorry bout the cr@p pic, had to use my phone. I'll get some proper ones in a few days.


    Dont get me wrong, Im a big fan of the pachmayr rosewood & rubber grips, but get a set of genuine pachmayr rubber grips like the original mate. With that finish should look spot on!.

    Just my opinion mind!



  4. OK im a bit of a 'Newbee' to these forums but here goes...


    After seeing the 'Heat' Colt commander pics heres my film inspired pistol:


    'StreetKings' custom 1911




    Customized and made using parts from both TM 1911A1 and MEU. The ejection port on the standard 1911 slide ive lowered and flared , filled and sanded all markings and fitted a new foresight vane. The standard 1911 frame has had added: WE CQB grips, Nineball extended slide lock, a Guarder 3-hole trigger, 4.3 commander hammer (sanded and polished) Tanio Koba grip safety (which was a real pain :angry: as it needs filing/cutting to fit so therefore is not for the 1911 but for the 5.1, take note ;) ), straight mainspring housing by Tanio Koba and an Ambi-safety (sanded and polished) from an old 5.1 i had.






    I often visit these forum picture threads to drool :P but am truly humbled by the quality of work you guys spend on your guns, awe inspiring :)


    That bomar looks the business, thanks for posting the pics up. Obviously alot of time, hard work and money has gone into it. Nice one

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