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  1. They hold the stock hinge plate on, there are six or so overall I think. My Torx screws near the front rail keep trying to escape :c
  2. It's a 2100mAh. I can't get any pics until I'm back at Uni, but I has to remove the little tab thing at the top of the stock. It was a VERY tight squeeze, and sat well below the rails TM had put in to keep batteries in place. I tried an Overlander 2200mAh and that was a tiny bit too long; the balance lead is always an issue too :3 I forgot about the spring guide, I can imagine it helps compression a fair whack. I'll test the fps after my next day out, I didn't take much time on lubing the piston's o-ring; I'll blame the range of inconsistency on that and the fact the stock spring saw less
  3. I crammed a mates 2100mAh 7.4 into mine, it stop me adjusting the stock though :c Just an update on the upgrades from mine; with the standard barrel, Richardy's M100 gave me 351 fps almost every time, with the odd 363 reading here and there. After a Madbull 363mm was installed, the results jumped to ~375 give or take around 3 fps. I just went back to the original spring out of desperation to use it legally and it tested from 336 to 346! I'll check it this Sunday at another site, just in case my Chrono is duff I know it's quite a bump, but thought I'd share these interesting results.
  4. I guess it can get quite cold at 40,000 feet, lol. Either way, I'm pleased with it; I was much happier today after it worked xD With regards to the bolt catch, how stiff is it supposed to be? Mine required a fair amount of force to flick back, I was just worried I'd snap something
  5. I stripped it down to the gearbox and had a look around, there was a slight rattling from the inside that I was concerned with. I didn't venture any further and attached to lower receiver to test it. Oh yay, it works! Adding the upper receiver didn't hinder it at all, and the outer barrel assembly continued this trend. So now fully working after a disassembly, I can only assume that something was misaligned during transit. Would be interesting to know the forces exerted on the replica during that time, getting dropped in a hard case could possibly replicate this instance and ruin the star
  6. Yeah, I'm not venturing any further than the motor. I've contacted Redwolf about it, so hoping they'll point me in the right direction :3
  7. I took the motor out, and it works fine. Adjustment didn't help either, I thought that TM had maybe changed the convention for Tamiya connectors but a Multimeter test threw that out of the window :3
  8. Well, I got mine today after a massive walk to the Parcelforce depot. It's not as impressive as I'd hoped, The plastic was a bit of a let down, but I'm not too fussed about that, as long as it holds up. Mine came with a bit of a loose fire selector, just on semi though; it does seem a bit 'mushy' which I'm not so pleased with. The biggest let down is the fact that it does not fire D: insert a battery and a pull of the trigger results in nothing. The motor moves ever so slightly, but doesn't cycle the gearbox. Really not happy my investment doesn't even fire out of the box
  9. Anyone seen the Laylax barrel in stock anywhere? I ordered this from Redwolf with the Easter 10% off, though wish I checked Echigoya as they're almost $100 cheaper!
  10. Out of date; but my best photo of it [=
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